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Same Sex Wedding Rings – Brad and Scott’s 💜 Story

Custom Made Same Sex Engagement Rings

How wedding rings brought their families back together

I’m proud to say I played a tiny role in bringing Brad and Scott’s family closer together. I guided them through the design process for their same sex wedding rings, which are strong, stylish and beautiful, and mostly importantly the guys love them.

Scott kindly gave me a great review on Google, and promised to send photos when they tied the knot. Cool bananas, I thought, hopefully, they’ll be able to get married in Australia if the ‘yes’ vote succeeds.

Then last weekend I got the loveliest call from Brad. Totally out of the blue. He and Scott had been at a family reunion, catching up with his extended family who happen to be Mormon. Their reaction to the wedding rings was unexpected and poignant – the rings actually helped bring their family closer.

Brad kindly agreed to share their story.

Inspiration to marry – the Australian same sex plebiscite

Scott carried the diamond around for 23 years while he was looking for the right man in his life. The diamond had belonged to his grandmother, and the Sapphire was bought by Brad on a holiday to Sri Lanka.

When the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite began, Brad and Scott decided the time was right to get married (they’re hanging out to call each other ‘husband’) and they started looking for a jeweller who could use the gemstones to make custom wedding rings.

Custom made same sex engagement rings made for brisbane couple scott demarco and brad harker

Brad and Scott’s custom made wedding rings – Scott carried the Diamond around for 23 years ‘waiting to meet the right man’

Finding a jeweller

“We visited a high street jeweller in Brisbane but they didn’t want to use our gemstones – they suggested we find an independent jeweller instead. We saw Ashley’s Diamondport sign in the Queen Street Mall, rang the bell and went up to meet him” says Brad.

“We ended up buying 56 diamonds – we were the wrong customers to turn away!”

We didn’t discuss the fact that Brad and Scott are a couple at that meeting – we were concentrating on designing the rings, and it didn’t come up.

I like to think that anyone can come to Diamondport and have a fantastic experience designing their engagement ring or wedding rings.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re straight or gay, you’re welcome here.

If you’ve bought diamonds on your travels or you’ve been given family diamonds, you’re welcome here.

I’m happy to create rings for you.

Same sex wedding rings – building a bridge with family

It’s hard to comprehend what it was like for Brad, growing up with a religion that believes that homosexuals will all go to hell.

His folks are still dedicated Mormons; Dad voted ‘no’ to same sex marriage, mum voted ‘yes’ – you can imagine Brad’s grief.

Anyway, back to the family reunion last weekend where Brad and Scott showed off their new engagement rings. They had the best possible reaction from their families – Brad’s dad, who voted against same sex marriage, was proudly showing off his son and future son in law and their wedding rings to his sisters, talking excitedly about the wedding plans.

“The rings have been a wonderful icebreaker with our families. We’re serious about our relationship and being married, and the rings send that message without us having to use words.”

“The rings have helped Dad come to terms with my sexuality, and I think given the chance, he would vote ‘yes’ now. He’s proud to be going to our wedding.”

What does 2018 hold for Brad and Scott, now they can legally marry in Australia?

“We’ve set a date for our wedding – September 2018. We’re beyond excited that we can get married and have our marriage recognised in Australia. We’ve got to get organised now and get it all booked!”

It still makes me teary thinking about it, and how Sarah and I took for granted not only our family’s joy, but our right to get married.

Brad and Scott, I’m so happy for you guys, and wish you every joy together. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, it’s been a privilege meeting you.

All my love, Ashley.

Are you a gay or lesbian couple, looking for wedding or engagement rings?

You’re welcome to visit my studio in Brisbane’s Queen Street (no pun intended) mall for a private consultation. You can browse diamonds or bring your own stones like Brad and Scott, and together we custom design your perfect ring. Call me on 07 3210 1011 or book a consultation here.






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