How to measure your partner’s ring size?

So many guys surprise their partner with a proposal yet how can you surprise her with the correct ring size?

It would be a tad awkward if you were to get down on one knee only to realise that the ring doesn’t fit past her first knuckle. Engagement ring sizes don’t need to be a guessing game. Here are the steps we take to determine a lady’s ring size:

1 – Using her current rings as a guide

If you can get a ring that you can bring into the appointment, that’s great. The best ring would be worn on her ring finger on her right hand.  If you can bring in a ring, it is very important to know what finger she wears it on as each finger can be up to two sizes different.

2 – A photo of her current ring on your finger

If you can’t ‘borrow’ the ring for your appointment, then pop it on your little finger and take a photo showing up far up your finger the ring goes. We can then compare this photo with rings in my studio.

3 – General details about your partner

If you can’t get a hold of any of her rings, when you come I’ll ask your partner’s height, weight, body shape. Certain information such as what sport she plays or does she lift weights will allow me to make an educated guess based on my experience in taking women’s ring sizes, and generally, I’m never more than a size off.

Diamondport will resize the ring complimentary after the proposal if the ring doesn’t fit.

4 – Photos are even better

In addition to hearing specific details about your partner seeing recent photos will also be a huge help. If you’re reading this in advance, sneak a full-length photo of your fiancé followed by a close up of her hands.

5 – Engagement ring vs wedding ring sizing

This sizing difference does depend on the shape of her finger. A wedding ring will always be worn on the inside of the engagement ring which sometimes does mean the wedding ring is slightly bigger. At Diamondport, we will determine your size at our wedding ring consultation.

Ring Sizing in Australia

International ring sizing can get complicated really quickly. Worse than international shoe sizing, there still is no ultimate standard for ring sizing, which is why we put together this handy guide (we use ourselves!). Our men’s and women’s ring size chart will help you understand ring sizing in Australia if you’re looking to buy jewellery and are not sure on the size.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Our handy ring size chart will help identify Australian ring sizing and convert international ring sizes to Australian ring sizes.