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Pear Cut

Fierce and feminine, the iconic teardrop shape is said to represent the joyful tears of the wedding day, capturing passion, adventure and beauty in a uniquely rich form. It is easy to see why the deeply alluring Pear Cut has become synonymous with passion.

Pear Cut Engagement Rings combine the dramatic tapered edges of the marquise cut with the dazzling brilliance of the round brilliant cut. Their unique shape suggests a larger carat than other styles, with their crown measuring a further 8% in size when compared to the crown of a round brilliant cut diamond of the same carat.

The Pear Cut Engagement Rings are simple to customise, with the tapered edge worn either north or south, or, for something a little different, east or west, and suits a wide variety of precious stones and setting styles. The Pear Cut also puts on a dazzling performance when complimented by a halo or accented band.