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Our expert team are here to help you create your perfect engagement ring in Brisbane. From beginning to end, we are here for you to ensure that your proposal goes perfectly. Book a time in below to begin creating your dream engagement ring.

Congratulations! You’ve found the woman you want to marry. You’re a lucky man, and we bet you want to surprise her with a romantic proposal and a beautiful diamond engagement ring. At Diamondport, we are here to help you find the perfect engagement ring.

It can be a tough task choosing the right ring! When shopping for engagement rings Brisbane jewellery stores are heaving with stunning and sparkly diamond engagement rings, but do they know their stuff when it comes to perfect diamonds? We’ve seen plenty of diamonds that look great on paper but have flaws or unusual characteristics, from poor lustre to an odd shape. Having an experienced diamond merchant on your team can make all the difference in finding an outstanding and beautiful diamond engagement ring, most of all at a fair price. Ready to learn more about the best engagement rings Brisbane has to offer?



Southern Star front on


Engagement Ring with 1ct oval diamond in Rose Gold


White Gold Engagement Ring with a round diamond and diamond halo

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