Fair Price Policy

Diamondport Jewellers operates under a Fair Price Policy that emphasizes transparency, competitive pricing, ethical sourcing, fair pay, customisation fees, and an exceptional client experience. Our pricing structure is transparent, and our final prices reflect the cost of materials, labour, and any additional fees or charges. While we do not offer discounts on our products or services, we believe that our prices are already competitive with other bespoke jewellers.

We source our materials from fair trade and ethical suppliers and use only the highest-quality materials, including natural and lab-grown diamonds and alloys of the highest quality. Our pricing reflects the quality of the materials used. We pay our team well above the award wage, which results in exceptional care for our clients and the highest quality jewellery. We also prioritize working with Australian suppliers and employing Australians in Australia.

We offer customisation and bespoke design services, and we charge a fair fee for any additional work and materials required. We prioritize providing an exceptional customer experience, which includes clear and transparent communication, prompt responses to enquiries, and a willingness to work with our clients to ensure their satisfaction. At Diamondport Jewellers, we believe that fairness and transparency are essential to building trust with our clients, and we strive to provide the highest-quality jewellery at fair prices.

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