Marquise Cut

The Marquise Cut – supposedly designed by King Louis XV of France, to remind him of the pout of his lover, the extraordinary Jeanne Antionette, Marquise de Pompadour, while they lived in the Palace of Versailles. You cannot get more romantic than that.

Also known as the ‘navette’, or ‘little boat’, this dramatic diamond shape is considered one of the fancy cuts. The unique shape of this diamond style places the crown, or table-top of the diamond, on full display, with 58 facets to reflect light. This style is perfect for those slimmer diamonds that have a shallower depth. This opulent style makes any diamond sing, and Marquise Cut diamonds do tend to take on the qualities and appearance of a much
higher carat.

Unique and stylish, Marquise Cut Engagement Rings are a firm favourite with actors and celebrities for its vintage opulence, and as an enduring statement to the bold and daring.

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