Radiant Cut

Unique, rare, and dazzling. Radiant Cut Engagement Rings are modern, bold, and known for their exquisite white sparkle and brilliance. When it comes to icy glitter, the Radiant Cut is unmatched.

The Radiant Cut is a square cut style with straight sides and corners. First created to combine the elegance of the emerald cut with the sparkle and glitter of the round brilliant cut, the Radiant Cut has 70 light reflecting facets in its pavilion and crown. The faceting pattern of the Radiant Cut is unique – its small, deep, sharp angles produce a stunning interplay of light, creating a snowy, glittering diamond.

This beautifully precise cutting technique ensures the brilliance of the Radiant Cut is unsurpassed by any other style of the square cuts. This stunningly beautiful style remains rare, though it is an enduring favourite of the worlds’ rich and famous for its effortless magnificence.

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