Which Engagement Ring Is Perfect for You, Based on Your Personality?

Complete the quiz and discover the engagement ring designs that suit your personality and style.

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Timeless Elegance

Your personality is understated and discreet, and you appreciate the beauty of clean lines. The perfect engagement ring for you is an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Its elegant shape reflects your classic, smart and timeless style.



Luxurious Femininity

You have a luxurious and feminine style, and you appreciate high-end elegance. The perfect engagement ring for you is a classic round/oval cut or a feminine pear cut engagement ring with a diamond band and/or a diamond hidden halo. Its graceful curves and dazzling presence match your sophisticated taste.


Colorful Charm

You have a colorful and bubbly personality, and you love to embrace uniqueness. The perfect engagement ring for you is a custom-designed ring with a pop of color created by the addition of a gemstone. This allows you to add a personal touch and express your vibrant and creative spirit.


Sporty Simplicity

You are sporty, active, and prefer practicality. The perfect engagement ring for you is a discreet round or princess cut engagement ring with a low set, which is more sturdy than a higher stone.

Consider getting a wishbone pendant so you can keep your ring close to your heart while being active.

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