Gold and Silver Pendants and Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces

Our Gold and Silver necklaces and pendants prove there is nothing more romantic  than the delicate feel of fine jewellery draped around your neck.

Delicate, diamond studded chains in white gold, yellow gold, and gleaming sterling silver bring everyday wear to a new level of sophistication and quality. Our fine necklaces and pendants include pieces crafted by esteemed Australian designers, capturing the beauty of Australian flora. Playful, open-hearted charms are set with bezel accent diamonds, and
daring, elegant pendants frosted with clusters of glittering diamonds and gemstones are a touch of the dramatic, available in stunning white and yellow gold.

Whether you are looking for everyday wear or something that elicits a gasp, you will find it in our collection of necklaces and pendants.

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