Ring Resizing

Making sure you have the right fit

Making sure your ring fits perfectly is all part of our service at Diamondport. We can resize your engagement, wedding, eternity and dress rings so that they sit just right.

Ring resizing and all our other ring care services are carried out in our Brisbane studio located in Queen Street Mall. Resizing a ring takes less than a week, and we offer a same day service in some cases.

Our ring resizing costs start at $149. Get in touch to book a resize consultation with our dedicated Diamondport team, which includes a ring size fitting and resize quote.


+ Do I need my ring resized?

There are many reasons why you might need to get your ring resized.

You may have received an engagement ring that doesn’t quite fit. Perhaps you have recently inherited an heirloom piece that needs to be adjusted. Or it may just be that over time your fingers have changed shape.

It’s important to have your ring professionally resized to fit the finger you intent to wear it on. If you ring is too tight, this can cause discomfort and you may choose not to wear your ring ring at all. And if it’s too loose, there’s a risk it could fall off without you noticing.

You should know that you ring isn’t always going to fit perfectly. Over the course of a day, your fingers can change due to the humidity, exercise or whether you’ve been working with your hands.

But if your ring always feels a few sizes too big, or you can’t get it over your knuckle easily, then it’s likely it needs to be resized.

View our full ring size chart here. 

+ How does ring resizIng work?

The method of ring resizing differs, depending on if it needs to be made smaller or larger.

To resize a ring to a smaller size, we remove a small section at the base of the ring. Then the two sections are rejoined, smoothed and polished.

To make a ring larger, we make a small split and add more material to create a ‘bridge’ which is smoothed to integrate into the existing ring.

+ How long does it take to resize a ring?

Ring resizing takes about 7 days in our Brisbane studio, but if you’re short on time we may be bale to offer a quicker service. Contact us now to organise your ring resize.

+ How do I know if my ring can be resized?

We can resize rings made in 9ct or 18ct yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, as well as platinum. We’re also able to resize rings not purchased at Diamondport, including heirloom rings.

Some rings are more difficult to resize than others. If your ring has a full band of diamonds, an intricate design or internal engraving you want to keep then resizing involves additional work. We can chat with you about your options.

If you’re unsure if you ring is able to be resized, or it was not purchased from Diamondport, get in touch with us to arrange an inspection.