Diamond ring cleaning and care


Your diamond engagement ring and wedding ring are beloved pieces of jewellery that you intent to have for the rest of your life.

But wearing them every day can leave your jewellery looking lacklustre. Regular cleaning is essential to not only keep your ring sparkling but to also protect it from further damage.

Our comprehensive cleaning service is deisgned to restore your ring to its gleaming brilliance. As well as thoroughly cleaning your ring to remove dirt, we also inspect it for any damage and loose settings that could cause your diamond or other stones to fall out.


Inspection of your ring and setting under a microscope

Ultrasonic clean to release fine dirt particles

Profession polish to restore sparkle and shine

Rhodium plating for all white gold rings

Ring cleaning and all our ring care services are completed in our Brisbane studio located in Queen Street mall. The service takes three days, and we offer a same day service in some cases. This comprehensive service costs $149 for your first ring and $99 for each subsequent ring. 

Ring care tips

As well as scheduling an annual ring clean and inspection there are things you can do at home to ensure the longevity of your ring

+ How to care for your diamond ring

Taking care of your engagement and wedding ring should be a top priority. While you obviously want to wear it everywhere you go, there are some times when you should take it off (and place it somewhere safe).

This includes when you’re cooking, and particularly preparing raw meat. You should also avoid wearing your ring in the pool as chlorine can damage the ring. Same goes for cleaning with harsh chemicals. We also suggest taking your ring off when gardening or doing anything physical with your hands or where there’s a chance it could get knocked.

You might also want to take your ring off before your cleansing routine. Moisturiser, lotions and sprays can build up over time and diminish your ring’s sparkle. Wait until your hands are clean and any lotion fully absorbed before popping your ring back on.

Get in the habit of having a consistent safe spot to leave your ring when you take it off. Something as simple as ring tray placed by the sink takes the guesswork out of where to put your ring (and the panic when you can’t remember where that was).

+ How to clean a diamond ring

Daily wear can cause debris and grease to build up over time and cause your diamond ring to look dull. We recommend cleaning your ring every few weeks, or whenever you notice it begins to look lacklustre.

A jewellery cleaning pen contains a special solution designed to remove build-up and restore shine. The small brush head is ideal for working between settings and is soft so it won’t scratch.

It is also recommended that you book an annual clean, ring inspection and rhodium plating to keep your ring shiny and well maintained. Our comprehensive service is carried out by our expert team at our Brisbane CBD studio. We can have your ring cleaned and returned to you in just three days, or even on the same day in some cases.

Rhodium plating for diamond rings

White gold gets it’s brilliance from the addition of rhodium plating. A very fine coating of rhodium is fused to the ring, enhancing it’s lustre and durability.

Over time, the rhodium plating can wear away. This can cause your ring to look dull and slightly yellow.

We offer rhodium plating as part of our ring cleaning and care services. After a thorough clean and inspection, your ring is dipped into a rhodium solution. An electromagnetic charge is then passed through the ring, fusing the rhodium to the metal.

Rhodium ring cleaning will restore shine to your white gold ring. And because the rhodium solution only fuses to metal, your diamond stone will be unaffected.