Platinum Wedding Rings

Powerful. Bold. Striking. Platinum is the king of precious metals. Known for its durability and brilliant white colour, this unique metal has skyrocketed in popularity for both men and women alike since its rise to prominence during the Art Deco era. The scarcest precious metal on earth, Platinum is as rare as it is desirable.

Platinum has a satisfying weight that strikes an emotional chord, giving the wearer a strong connection to their piece of fine jewellery. 34% heavier than 18ct gold, Platinum Wedding Rings are strong and durable, and their density makes them well-suited to those who prefer all their paired pieces to be crafted from the same precious metals.

Platinum Wedding Rings are visually stunning when encrusted with diamonds and gemstones of a variety of colours. The bright, silvery-white colour of Platinum offsets any warm tones with a regal, princely effect that represents purity, strength, and bold romance.

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