Oval Cut

Modern, dreamy and eye-catching. Oval Cut Engagement Rings combine old world elegance and the new era of bold, showstopping diamonds and gemstones, in a variety of settings. One of the fancy cuts, the Oval Cut has an elongated shape that makes the stone appear larger and brighter than other styles. Oval Cut diamonds flourish within almost every setting, including the classical rounded, and the modern pointed, four claw setting.

This deeply rich, elongated look is flattering on the finger, and as a larger section of the stone’s crown is on full display, Oval Cut diamonds and gemstones are given the opportunity to shine with sublime character.

The shape of some of the most iconic diamonds in the world, including the famed Koh-I-Noor diamond, the CTF Pink Star, and the Wittelsbach Blue, our collection of Oval Cut Engagement Rings deliver the class and glamour of the traditional round, with a touch of contemporary charm.

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