LIFEtime warranty

We guarantee the manufacturing of our rings for a lifetime

At Diamondport, all of our rings come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing. We suggest having your ring serviced every 1-2 years to stay on top of any damage and the warranty will void if regular servicing hasn’t occurred.

What our warranty covers:

We will cover structural defects in your ring as well as a minor diamond replacement under 0.02ct.

What our warranty doesn’t cover: 

The warranty does not include loss of the main gemstone. Additionally, over a lifetime, your ring will naturally have wear and tear. This, however, is not covered. To protect against this common damage, we recommend having comprehensive jewellery insurance to protect your precious jewellery.

QReport Jewellery Insurance is Diamondport’s recommended choice for insurance. Benefits of Q Report include:

  • Annual valuation included (worth $95).
  • $100 excess
  • Cover while you are overseas
  • The choice to return your ring to Diamondport for repair

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