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How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

We believe you should set a budget and stick to it; only spend what you’re comfortable with and can afford. This is a really exciting time in your life; you might be in the midst of buying a house, travelling or starting a family so there’s a lot of other financial considerations when setting your budget. We respect that and will give you the best quality, most eye catching and impressive engagement ring for your budget – that’s our promise.

We’ve actually written an entire blog post about how much you should spend on an engagement ring – check it out!

What do people usually spend on an engagement ring?

It depends on their personal financial circumstances and how important an engagement ring is to them. I’ve sold incredible rings at a range of prices, and the common factor is that the client is really happy – it’s the perfect ring for them. Check out my blog ‘How much should I spend on an engagement ring’ to find out what other people are spending.

How do I tell if I am getting a quality diamond?

Is the ring or the diamond more important?

This is an interesting question. The value of the diamond makes up most of the price of the ring, so in an financial sense, the diamond is more important. But the ring and its design makes a personal style statement, so it’s crucial to get it right. Both the ring and the diamond are important, and I’ll help you choose your perfect diamond and design a ring she’ll love.

How is my ring made?

Diamondport engagement rings and wedding rings are all custom made, handcrafted rings, made especially for you. We work with talented designers who use the latest in computer aided design (CAD) jewellery design software and have then have the model printed in 3D. The rings are then cast, and jewellers hand assemble the rings, then set the gems and finish your rings.

What is the Difference Between Handmade and Handcrafted?

handmade ring is made from scratch. A small bar of metal is rolled, bent, twisted and shaped to form a ring. It’s labour intensive, thus quite expensive.

Handcrafted rings can utilise Computer Aided Design (CAD). Elements of a ring (usually a setting and shank) are cast in a mould then cleaned, joined, set and polished by hand.

At Diamondport, we prefer to make handcrafted rings as we think it produces a better ring. It’s a faster, more precise method, and produces a high quality, durable ring.

That said, if you have your heart set on a handmade ring, we can easily arrange it.

Are The Rings Premade? Can I Come to Your Boutique and Look at Them?

Each of our rings is designed and custom made specially for a lucky lady. This helps us give you the best possible price as we don’t have to keep great quantities of stock on hand. We have a small range of popular designs so you can see our work, and see the different styles of diamond setting.  It’s a lot of fun visiting the studio, choosing your diamonds, and designing your ring.

We have an extensive portfolio of designs for you to browse, to inspire your own ring.

Can I Buy An Engagement Ring Without Buying A Diamond From You?

Yes, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to inherit a family heirloom, or you’re ready to remodel an old design. Bring your diamonds in and we’ll happily help you design something beautiful to suit your style.

Do I Get To View The Ring Before Purchase?

Firstly, you choose your diamonds and ring design. For custom rings we require a 50% deposit.

We create your design in CAD and send you a 3D image to approve the design before we create it.

We handcraft your ring (it takes 3-4 weeks) and when it’s ready we invite you back to our studio to approve it and pick it up. We’ll make changes if you’re not 100% happy.

I’m surprising my girlfriend – what if she doesn’t love my engagement ring design?

If she doesn’t love the ring, we’ll remake it, simple as that! We want you to both be overjoyed with your engagement ring, and if that means redesigning and remaking it, we’ll happily do so.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Ring?

Depending on the complexity of your design we expect it to take three to four weeks. Complex or labour intensive designs may take a little longer. We’ll give you a timeline during the design stage – we know you’re eager to pop the question.

Can You Make Rings Any Faster?

The Ring I Want Isn’t Shown Here. Can You Make It?

Yes, custom designed rings are our speciality. Each ring we produce is made to order, and the rings shown on our website represent our previous work. Make a time to meet Ashley, browse a great range of diamonds and we’ll help you turn your design into reality with our professional designers and master craftsmen jewellers.

Do You Give Free Ring Resizing?

Yes, we’ll make your ring to fit. And if it needs adjusting, we’ll happily do that free of charge.

What Guarantee Do You Have On Your Rings?

We give a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.  We offer free minor repairs on all our rings and jewellery in the first year of ownership, whether the damage is your fault or not.

How Are Warranty Claims Handled?

All warranty claims and ring resizings must be brought or sent back to us. For those not in Brisbane, we will organise a courier to send it back to us.

Can I Speak to the Jeweller or Designer Making My Ring?

Sure, you are welcome to chat over the phone or via email.

Still got questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask.

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