Jewellery Services: Remodelling, Cleaning & Ring Resizing

Jewellery Servicing, Resizing or Remodelling

Is your ring in need of some love, resizing or even a remodel?

Our premium jewellery and ring services will have your precious pieces sparkling like new and ready to wear.

Jewellery Servicing, Resizing & Remodelling

Is your ring in need of some love or resizing?

Our premium jewellery and ring services will have your precious pieces sparkling like new and ready to wear.

Hibiscus rose gold diamond engagement ring

Complimentary Clean

Available for existing Diamondport clients only.

Daily wear can cause debris and grease to build up over time and cause your diamond ring to look dull. We recommend cleaning your ring every few weeks, or whenever you notice it begins to look lacklustre. 

Our complimentary ring clean for Diamondport clients only can be done in our Brisbane Studio while you wait or grab a quick coffee in your lunch break. This does not include servicing or resizing of the ring.

Should you require validated parking, please let us know at the time of booking this clean. This will be at a cost of $20. The ring cleaning is on us.

Diamond engagement rings

Jewellery Servicing

Our comprehensive cleaning service is designed to restore your ring to its gleaming brilliance. As well as thoroughly cleaning your ring to remove dirt, we also inspect it for any damage and loose settings that could cause your diamond or other stones to fall out.

Ring cleaning and all our ring care services are completed in our Brisbane studio located in Queen Street mall. We allow two weeks for the service although same-day services can be pre-arranged in some cases. Our comprehensive jewellery service starts at $149* for your first ring and $129* for each subsequent ring. 

*The total cost will be determined upon inspection by our experienced jewellers. The cost is dependent on a number of factors including the wear and tear of the ring, ring style and design, how many gemstones are in the ring, and also whether stones need replacing/resetting or claws need re-tipping. We are fully transparent and will seek approval for any additional costs before we proceed. 

Diamondport engagement rings resizing

Jewellery Resizing

We can resize rings made in 9ct or 18ct yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, as well as platinum. We’re also able to resize rings not purchased at Diamondport, including heirloom rings.

Some rings are more difficult to resize than others. If your ring has a full band of diamonds, an intricate design or internal engraving then your ring resizing will involve additional work. We can chat with you about your options.

If you’re unsure whether your ring is able to be resized, or it was not purchased from Diamondport, get in touch with us to arrange an inspection.

The cost for resizing any ring starts at $199*.

Jewellery remodelling header

Jewellery Remodelling

Our on-site jewellers revel in the opportunity to transform any piece of jewellery, whether you are wanting to add to an existing piece or completely remodel and reimagine your prized possession.

Present your ring or other jewellery to our team and we will make an assessment what gemstones & metal can be reused to then create something amazing. 

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