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Rose gold is experiencing a renaissance, with rose gold engagement rings being a very popular choice for many people.  The current trends are towards rose gold rings with halo diamond or diamond solitaire settings. Diamondport, located in Queen Street Brisbane, is an expert in creating the perfect engagement ring to suit your budget. 

Rose gold can also be used as a highlight, especially with pink diamonds to help enhance their colour. Rose gold has a beautiful pink blush derived from the addition of copper to gold, and the depth of colour depends on the ratio of copper to gold; more copper equals a deeper rose hue.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a mix of gold and copper, and it complements any complexion. It’s more durable than yellow or white gold, and even better it’s surprisingly affordable. At Diamondport, we have a preference towards 18 carat rose gold. It has a lower proportion of copper, a lighter pink colour and relatively hard wearing nature. 14 carat rose gold has relatively more copper and therefore is a deeper red shade.  It’s important to be aware that rose gold is not hypoallergenic, compared to platinum which is hypoallergenic. The copper within the alloy can cause allergies, so be sure to check with your girlfriend first.

Rose gold is symbolic

The pinkish hue of rose gold is often associated with warmth and romance making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Rose gold has an element of rarity and exclusivity given the limited range on offer in jewellery stores compared to yellow and white gold. It’s symbolic to the stylish and gives the wearer a point of difference with their jewellery.

What’s in trend? Rose gold is back in vogue

We often use rose gold to highlight pink diamonds. A popular application is a halo around a white diamond creating a rose gold halo engagement ring. The halo of pink diamonds is set in rose gold which makes the pink diamonds look a lot pinker. Because pink diamonds are so expensive we often use a lower colour, yet pink gold (rose gold) will enhance the pink diamonds’ colour.

Two-tone rose gold rings, which are rose gold and white gold, are also an excellent choice; a rose band with white diamonds set in  18 carat white gold as the white metal accentuates the size of the stone.

Need inspiration? Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists have a selection of rose gold diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery for you to browse, plus photographs and CAD images of recently designed rings right here in Brisbane. Please book a consultation with our expert consultants and we can discuss your inspiration and budget to create the perfect rose gold engagement ring. 

rose gold princess cut engagement ring: an emerging trend

Princess cut diamonds have always been very stylish, recently, we’ve created some beautiful princess cut diamond solitaire engagement rings set in rose gold, with diamonds in the shoulder.

A romantic twist on this look is to surround the princess cut diamond centre stone with a diamond halo. The diamond halo and rose gold setting lend a vintage glamour.  These versatile rings have equal appeal as an engagement ring or lavish dress ring.

Who suits rose gold? Is it just for girls with strawberry blonde hair?

Not at all! Traditional thinking might be that rose gold suits fair complexions, whereas white gold flatters darker complexions. Sure, we agree with that, but we feel that you should wear the jewellery you love best and many girls with even the slightest tone of pink in their skin wear rose gold beautifully.

Rose gold is shaking off a reputation for being old-fashioned or ‘vintage’, and is being embraced by artistic and creative clients who are looking for a quirky design, something a little different.  That said, if you’re keen on an artistic inspired ring then rose gold is perfect. I’ve had clients who want to design a ring that’s reminiscent of a family heirloom or their grandmother’s engagement ring, yet in a contemporary setting.

Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists are here to help you create the perfect rose gold engagement ring. 


I am absolutely over the moon at my stunning new engagement ring that my partner and Ashley created for me. The quality and the design are perfect in every way. Thank you Ashley! I highly recommend Diamondport for anyone looking to create the perfect engagement ring. Cannot wait to go back to get our wedding rings designed!” – Holly Bartholomew – Holland Park, Queensland. 

Ash was extremely helpful and attentive with the design of my fiancé’s engagement ring. He provided very useful and honest advice which made the purchase much easier. My fiancé loves the ring and we were very impressed with the quality of the end product.Would definitely recommend Ash’s services to others.” – Ben Christiansen – Nundah, Queensland. 

Let us help you create the perfect rose gold engagement ring. 

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