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With your wedding day approaching, you’re ticking off that list of things to do and getting down to the details. One such detail? Your wedding rings. Since you’ll be wearing these every day, it’s a pretty important detail to get right.

Your wedding ring is a symbol of the love that you share and your lifelong commitment to each other. But it should also reflect your style and personality.

At Diamondport, we have the most stunning selection of diamond rings in Brisbane. Whether you choose from our range or design your own, we’ll make sure you get the perfect wedding rings, using only the finest diamonds and made with exceptional Australian craftsmanship in our Brisbane jewellery studio.

Choosing a wedding ring 

There’s a myriad of choice when it comes to wedding rings for men and women, from classic bands to diamond set rings.

A good place to start is by browsing ring styles to get a feel for what you like. Do you prefer a simple band or something embellished with diamonds? Do you want your rings to match, or would you prefer to express your own style?

For women, you may want to have your wedding ring designed to complement your engagement ring. While having both designed together is ideal, this isn’t always practical if he’s kept the engagement ring a surprise. However, we can work with you to design a wedding ring that sits alongside your engagement ring.

For men, your wedding ring should take into account your lifestyle and personal taste. Some styles are better suited than others to being worn all the time – particularly if you want to keep it on while exercising or working.

Start by trying a few styles to see what you like, or just chat with an expert about what might work. We’ll guide you through designs, metals, stones and sizes to ensure you have the perfect ring with which to say “I do”.

Wedding rings for women

If you plan on wearing your engagement and wedding rings together, then you’ll want to make sure they complement each other. A classic solitaire engagement ring looks stunning paired with a band of diamonds, while a halo diamond ring suits a simple band that allows your engagement ring to shine.

Another thing to think about is how the wedding ring sits against the engagement ring, such as:

              – Flush: Sitting up against the engagement ring with no gap between

             – Flat: close to sitting flush, with a slight gap between the engagement ring

             – Curve: subtly curved to suit the engagement ring 

            – Fitted: cut out to fit the engagement ring perfectly

However, if you’re planning on wearing your wedding ring alone, you might want a more intricate style that looks great paired with or without your engagement ring.

With a custom wedding ring, you really can design the perfect ring for you.

Classic wedding band

If elegant and understated is your style, a simple wedding band is a perfect accompaniment to a diamond engagement ring. Usually measuring between 2mm-4mm wide, a classic wedding band is a timeless symbol of your commitment.

Diamond wedding ring

For serious sparkle, look no further than a diamond wedding ring. There are myriad design options to choose from, including claw set, bead set, and channel set, that can be halfway or the whole way around the ring.

Wedding rings for men

You’ve put a lot of thought into your fiance’s engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean your own wedding ring should be an afterthought. Your wedding ring may be the first piece of jewellery you wear, and you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, so it’s important to take the time to find something that suits you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a men’s wedding ring. This includes how wide you want your ring to be, the metal it’s made of, and if you’re after a classic wedding band, or something more detailed.

Whether you’re looking for a plain wedding band, an intricate design or a ring embellished with diamonds, we can help bring your ideas to life.

Classic wedding band

The classic wedding band is a timeless choice that always looks great on your finger. Popular metals include white gold, yellow gold and platinum. The classic wedding band is particularly suited to ‘his and hers’ matching rings in the same style.

Comfort Fit wedding band

If you’ve never worn a ring before, you might be concerned about how comfortable it will feel to wear one every day. The Comfort Fit wedding band features gently rounded edges that feel smooth against your skin.

Detailed wedding ring

While the classic wedding band may be popular, many men are now opting for something a little more detailed to express their personal style. This includes matte or hammered finish, the inclusion of a diamond, or combining different metals into the one ring.

Designing your wedding ring with Diamondport

At Diamondport, we think choosing your wedding rings should be a smooth process. And it can actually be a fun thing to do together in the lead up to your wedding.

Make a private consultation and we can work with you both to create perfect his-and-her wedding bands. We source exceptional diamonds direct from international diamond cutters to make sure you get the best quality, and then design and create your rings right here in Brisbane.


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