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Multi Coloured Stone Rings – A Rainbow Of Choices

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Whether it’s her smile, the way she laughs, or how she always seems to know what’s on your mind, you know what makes your woman unique.

You love everything about her and want to let her know that you see those special qualities that make her stand out. She breaks the mould – so you want a ring that does just that.

Give her something that’s bound to make a statement. In this guide, we walk you through our rainbow selection of coloured stone rings and jewellery to help you find something that’s 100% unique – just like her.

Coloured Stones for Every Personality, Any Style

With coloured stone jewellery, you give her something that’s outside the box. Something that fits her personality and original style. Each coloured stone shines with radiance and carries a special meaning, so you’re sure that you’re giving her something that will make a statement.

With a wide range of colours to choose from, you have options that go way beyond the traditional diamond ring.

Wear the Rainbow – Types of Coloured Stones

From cobalt to pink to aquamarine, there are about as many to colours to choose from as there are qualities that make your special someone stand out. You may feel inspired to select her favorite colour, her birthstone, or simply a colour that reminds you of her vibrant personality.  The designs are limited only by the imagination.

Here are the many types of coloured stones that we carry at Diamondport in Brisbane.


Pale pink and pretty, morganite is a feminine stone that carries an elegant shine. Due to its subtle qualities – and similarities to a traditional diamond – it is the second most popular non-diamond stone (behind the sapphire).

Morganite colouring can range from light pink to a deeper coral. A variety of beryl, it is in the same family as emeralds (green) and aquamarine (blue). It’s often paired with a white gold or rose gold band. Learn more about Morganite and what makes these stones such a popular option in Australia.

Morganite and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring with diamond band narrow

Pink Diamond

What’s more unique than one of the diamond world’s best-kept secrets? Pink diamonds are very special in that they make up only 1% of all diamonds. Get this stone for your lady and she’s not likely to see it anywhere else.

Pink diamond halo engagement ring

Since you aim to choose a coloured stone ring that suits her style, it’s important to consider how pink diamonds pair with her aesthetic. They tend to complement warmer skin tones and match well with pink, yellow, and aqua attire.

Yellow Diamond

No doubt that yellow diamonds aren’t the most popular choice, but that’s exactly why going this route is sure to put your lady in awe. If she has a passion for the colour – or it carries a special meaning in your lives – a yellow diamond could be an obvious choice.

Give her a bit of sunshine on her finger with a yellow diamond oval ring, or work with one of our designers to create something original. You know her through-and-through, so feel free to get creative and make something she’ll love.Yellow diamond engagement ring


Sometimes the ocean calls to her, reminding her of pleasant summers on the waves or the smell of salty air. Or, she longs for the cold blue skies of winter, with a warm drink in hand. Give her a little reminder of what she loves with an aquamarine stone ring.

Its name itself means “the water of the sea”, and that’s just how it appears. A beryl mineral, its colour ranges from pale blue to a dark blue-green. Aquamarine is best paired with rose gold. Here’s why we love aquamarine at Diamondport.

Aquamarine backed white gold engagement ring


You are likely familiar with the popular, dark blue sapphire. That’s because it’s a token choice for those that want a coloured stone. That’s not only due to its beauty, though – it’s also a stone that gets you a great bang for your buck.

Sapphires are also an extremely durable stone, making it perfect for engagement rings and daily wear. They can be cut in a variety of shapes to showcase their colour and sheen. See what’s got everyone raving about blue sapphire jewellery. Learn more about sapphires and browse our collection here

Rosegold sapphire ring with diamond band

Black Diamond

Maybe your partner has an edgier side or has a knack for doing things differently. Nothing would be more perfect than the soulful radiance of a black diamond.

While they may not be the obvious choice for most, black diamonds are growing in popularity due to their uniqueness and versatility. This coloured stone pairs well with nearly any metal and is fit for a wide range of designs. At Diamondport, we design jewellery to be the perfect fit for that special someone in your life. We love the neutral look of this stone – suitable to any gender, personality, or occasion.

Black diamond ring set

Multi Colored Stone Rings and Jewellery Designs

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue… If you are looking for something that’s sure to WOW your partner, then it may be time to ditch the white diamond and go for a pop of colour.

Browse our array of engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, and more – for any man or woman in your life. At Diamondport, we aim to give you the best look and the best quality at the best price.

Find Multi Coloured Stone Rings in Brisbane

With a wide selection of coloured stone rings and jewellery, we give you the chance to highlight what you find special about your lover, family, or close friend. Really, a coloured stone tells a story that no other generic stone can tell. No matter the occasion or who this person is in your life, they will appreciate something that tells them, “You are one of a kind”.

Book a consult today to create the perfect design with your chosen coloured stone.

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