Here’s What a $10,000 Diamond Engagement Ring Looks Like

So you’re planning on proposing? Congratulations! This is an exciting step in any relationship. But before you can get down on one knee, you need to pick out the engagement ring.

If this is your first time buying an engagement ring (or any piece of expensive jewellery for that matter) it can be helpful to start with a budget in mind. Not only does this help focus your search, but it allows you to compare different ring styles and diamond cuts easily.

And while you can find a ring at almost any price point, a budget of $10,000 for an engagement ring will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Buying a $10,000 engagement ring

First, let’s be clear, how much you want to spend on an engagement ring is a personal decision.

As our research in Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey revealed, there is no simple answer when it comes to how much to spend on an engagement ring. While the average cost of an engagement ring from our survey respondents was $5,297.50, at Diamondport the average budget our clients have for an engagement ring is about $9,000.

And forget those rules that say how much you have to spend (was it one month’s salary? Two?). We’ve found that generally people buying a $10k engagement ring earn a household income in the region of $100,000 or above. But of course, this isn’t always the case. So again, this is totally up to you and your priorities as a couple.

What can I get for a $10,000 engagement ring budget?

If you’re still working out your budget or starting to research what’s out there, it’s helpful to know what a $10,000 diamond engagement ring looks like.

For many, this price point is seen as the tipping point between a great ring and one that really stands out. Certainly, with a budget of $10,000 you have more options in terms of diamond quality, ring design and added elements.

First, it’s important to know that a diamond engagement ring is made up of two components: the diamond and the setting. Generally, most of your budget will go towards the purchase of the diamond.

Diamond Size Chart

And when it comes to choosing a diamond, it’s all about considering the overall diamond quality.

You’re probably already at least somewhat familiar with the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat. Together, these relate to the overall characteristics and size of a diamond. For an engagement ring under $10,000, you’ll probably be looking for a diamond up to 0.90 carats, but this also depends on the colour, clarity and cut of your chosen diamond.

The below stones are an example of diamonds in the same price bracket and ranging in size.

Buying a $7,500 diamond with a classic solitaire design will approximately total a $10,000 engagement ring. Of course, we can help you weigh up the different factors to find a diamond that looks stunning and is within your budget.

What does a $10,000 engagement ring look like?

You’ll have plenty of setting styles to choose from with a $10,000 engagement ring budget.

Most popular is the solitaire setting. This classic style makes a feature of a single round cut diamond. With this style, the bulk of your budget will go towards the diamond.Solitaire $10k engagement ring Another popular style is the halo setting. A central diamond is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds which adds extra sparkle and can also make your ring look bigger.Find stunning engagement rings under $10,000 If you’re looking to buy a stunning engagement ring under $10,000, you could also explore fancy cut diamonds, such as a pear cut, oval cut or cushion cut. Because these cuts are less popular than a round-cut diamond, you can generally get a bigger carat for the same price.Here’s what a $10,000 engagement ring looks like

What to expect when you buy a $10,000 engagement ring?

No matter what your budget, you’ll be treated to the Diamondport 5-star experience. We source exceptional diamonds so you get the highest quality diamonds with a personal service to ensure you buy the perfect ring. There’s no hard sell or confusing lingo. Just straight up advice so you get a diamond ring you’ll both love – right here in Brisbane. Diamondport also offers a True Love Guarantee which ensures that if your partner doesn’t like the ring – we’ll remake it, free of charge.

And you better believe we’ll be fist-pumping the air when you let us know that they said ‘yes’.

Make an appointment with us today to start exploring your options. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane.