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Engagement Ring Settings On Trend

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about engagement ring settings, and how to find the perfect style for you.

Jewels need a crown, and your engagement ring needs a setting. Today, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Engagement Ring settings, so you can find the perfect style to suit your personal aesthetic. 

What Is A Ring Setting?

A ring setting refers to how the diamond or gemstones are set, and the mount they are set into. The style of the ring setting is an intricate statement that can elevate the natural beauty of your centre stones, and highlight your unique style.  

What are the Different Types of Engagement Ring Settings? 

There are many different types of ring settings, almost as many as there types of diamond cuts! Ring settings have their own trends and unique characteristics – some styles pair better than others with varying diamond and gemstone cuts, some suit those with an active lifestyle, and some are for those of us who prioritise form over function. 

How are diamonds and gemstones set?

Metal is cut to perfectly ‘seat’ the stone of your choice. The surrounding metal is then pushed or hammered over the edge until it is secure.

We’ve chosen 12 on trend settings that reflect the personal favourites of our jewellers, from the most enduring classics, to the daringly modern. 

What is the best diamond setting? 

The best setting for you diamond or gemstone is the one that suits your personal style, the cut of your centre stone, and your lifestyle. 

Split claw pear diamond yellow gold diamond engagement ring scaled

Different Claw Settings

Also known as a “prong” setting, the Claw Setting is easily the most popular setting style, offering security for many different diamond and gemstone cuts, while also allowing light to enter into the sides of the stone through the pavillion, so your centre-stone can glitter and shine with natural radiance. The preferred round diamond setting, this style is often the setting of choice for the traditional solitaire-style engagement ring.

Rounded or Tab Claw

Classical and enduring, this setting allows the most light to pass into the diamond or gemstone, as it leaves all sides of the centre-stone visible. This setting also allows the stone to be thoroughly cleaned, so your diamond or gemstone can sparkle brilliantly. 

Talon or Pointed Claw

Striking and elegant, the Talon Claw setting follows the facets of the stone and is our personal favourite claw setting. It is minimal yet offers enough security to ensure your precious stone remains in place, while allowing all important light to journey through to the pavilion.  

V Claw

This style of setting is particularly popular for pointed diamond or gemstone cuts, such as the Marquise, Pear, and Princess cuts. The V Claw is a notched prong setting often placed at the diamond or gemstones’ corners, offering security to the more fragile edges of the stone, without impairing the interplay of light. 


Grain Setting

The Grain setting, also known as the ‘Bead’ setting, is an intricate, feminine style that combines delicate craftsmanship with sparkling wow factor. Comparable to the Channel-set style (see below), the Grain setting secures round or square cut diamonds and gemstones with small prongs, or ‘grains’ which borders or frames the stones. These tiny grains are barely visible and bring the stones close together, minimising gaps between the precious stones, creating a solid band of glitter and brilliance. 

Grain setting

Grain setting round diamond rose gold diamond engagement ring scaled

Split Claw

The Split Claw is another type of prong setting that ‘splits’ the claw, appearing like scoops or v cuts from the side and allows each split of the claw to hold each side of a gemstone.

Split claw

Shared Claw

A setting for the bold and bright. This setting style is the Grain and Channel settings’ older, more opulent cousin. Shared Claw is used to cradle stones smaller than the centre-stone, and does not distract from the shape of the stone. Beautifully feminine, this style is both playful and elegant, perfect for round brilliant cut diamonds. 

Shared claw oval diamond white gold diamond engagement ring scaled

Bezel Setting

Often referred to as the ‘Rub Over’ setting, the Bezel setting is minimalist and modern – a style that lets your diamonds and gemstones speak for themselves. Unlike Claw settings, this style cradles your centre stone with a rim of precious metal. Beautifully on trend, this style has both functionality and drama – perfect for round cut diamonds, and those with an active lifestyle who prefer their stones to be as secure as possible.   

Bezel setting

Tension Setting

What, exactly, is a Tension set ring? In this setting, the centre-stone is held in place by, as the name suggests, tension, and the centre-stone appears suspended between the two opposing sides of the shank. Offering a masculine, almost futuristic style that elevates the beauty of both diamonds and coloured gemstones, this setting uses the manipulated band the to hold the diamond in place, allowing exceptional amounts of light to pass through the stone. Devastatingly modern, the Tension Setting is truly eye-catching and deeply stylish.

It’s important to note that tension set rings cannot be resized without damaging the ring.

Tension Style Setting 

Appropriately called the Faux Tension setting, this style emulates the striking visual of the Tension setting while providing the stone with the security of the under bezel setting. This look softens the futurism of the Tension setting by creating a look that is beautifully fluid, leverages light, and provides ample security. This tension style is able to resized in the future if needed.

Channel Setting

Exquisite, timeless, and understated, this style involves embedding diamonds or gemstones into a groove within the band, with channel walls on either side, creating a secure tracery of glittering stones. Perfect for stacking, Channel set rings may be the optimal choice for those with an active lifestyle, who don’t want to make any concessions on glamour.

Channel setting

Pavé Setting

Pavé, coming from the French word “to pave”, and this setting style is exactly that – a paved path of smaller diamonds that create a continuous, glittering band of sparkle. Essentially multiple rows of Grain Setting, this style uses even smaller prongs, barely visible, to hold the stones in place. Other types of Pavé settings include the micro-pavé setting, perfect for delicately smaller diamonds – an intricate way to draw attention to the centre-stone. 

Pave setting

Dovetail Setting

Like a split claw setting but more Unique and flattering to stones of various sizes, the Dovetail setting is feminine and sophisticated. Also known as the Fishtail or French setting, this style uses bevelled, notched edges that create a distinctive “dovetail” pattern alongside the exterior of the band, while holding each stone with a small, bead-like prong. This beautiful setting provides an elegant, romantic embellishment to the band.    

Bar Setting

Similar to the Channel setting, the Bar setting is contemporary and graceful, using vertical bars of precious metal to set diamonds or gemstones into your band. Unlike the Channel setting, the Bar leaves the sides of the band open to light, allowing the diamonds to sing and twinkle for a dazzling look that is vibrant and luxe.

Flush Setting

Often referred to as the Hammer or Kimberley setting, this style is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, and perfect for the current preference for stackable rings. Best described as a diamond or gemstone sitting deep within the band itself, or ‘flush’, this stone does not sit elevated above the band. Understated and endlessly wearable, this style is perfect for oval and round cut diamonds, and though less common, Marquise cut diamonds in a flush settings can make for a unique, contemporary take on the traditional engagement ring style. 

Hammer setting


Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

Finding the right setting is just as important as finding the right centre-stone. The right setting style can elevate your engagement ring, emphasising your stones’ colour, cut, and radiance.

Our craftsmen and women work tirelessly to create remarkable pieces that reflect the unique taste, lifestyle and personal style of our clientele. Discover your perfect engagement ring in our collection, or book your private consultation today.

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