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Halo Engagement Rings – More Sparkle for Your Spend

Looking for Extra Sparkle? Add a Diamond Halo to Your Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings, especially halo diamond rings, are an enduring favourite and it’s not hard to see why. Diamonds make any piece of jewellery shine, so adding a halo of diamonds introduces a heightened sparkle to your ring.

Including a diamond halo on your engagement ring offers an unparalleled presence on your hand. The halo takes up more real estate on the finger, which commands attention and flaunts an elevated sparkle. Although you can opt for a 1-carat solitaire ring for its enduring design and timeless charisma, the halo diamond ring design never fails to impress.

Read on to discover more about the different styles and costs of halo diamond engagement rings.

Top Diamond Halo Ring Styles

Halo diamond rings hero the centre stone by surrounding it with sparkles, ensuring a bright and impactful finish. Halo diamond engagement rings are a staple in our Diamondport collection, as they not only hold a unique and scintillating presence but pair beautifully with almost any diamond shape. The primary diamond cuts for halo rings include round, oval and pear. Seeking something even more glamorous? A double halo adds a dramatic statement to this style and larger diamond real estate, too.

Round Halo Engagement Rings

Round diamond halo engagement rings prove to be a classic – these rings are among Diamondport’s most popular styles. The round diamond halo engagement ring is both flirtatious and bold in appearance, delivering dazzle to every love story.

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Oval halo wattle ring

Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Complementing your oval diamond with a glittering halo not only elongates its sweet shape but introduces a more modern edge to the classic round halo ring. Of course, the bling factor will always be en pointe.

Pear Halo Engagement Rings

A pear halo engagement ring is a modern and striking choice to assume t he ring of her dreams. With its already distinctive shape, a pear diamond haloed by a rim of smaller diamonds emphasises the unique beauty of this style.

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Princess and cushion cut halo engagement rings

Princess and Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Princess and cushion cut engagement rings look sensational with a diamond halo. These timeless diamond shapes are a sophisticated choice, only rendered more striking by a sparkling halo.

Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Rose gold diamond halo engagement rings can offer an eye-catching combination of a beautiful pink blush band and exquisite gemstones. Rose gold engagement rings are also a stunning way to accentuate the glinting white of the diamonds against warm gold tones, leveraging contrast and
drama in the design.

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Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Rings

An emerald cut halo engagement ring celebrates the compelling display of light through this diamond cut. The halo both accentuates and juxtaposes the emerald shape, lending the centre gem a sense of expansion and additional radiance.

Double Halo Engagement Rings

The double halo engagement ring does exactly what it sounds like – doubles the dazzle. Flamboyant, luxurious and a little bit extra, this halo design delivers the wow factor with unmissable brilliance.

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Pink Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Love a pink diamond without the exorbitant price tag? A blushing halo of pink diamonds is an exceptional means of incorporating this gorgeous colour into your engagement ring. Not only does this pair beautifully with a dazzling white centre diamond, but it speaks of elegance and sweet femininity.

Yellow Diamond Halo Rings

Yellow diamonds make for a fabulous halo ring. Not as rare as pink diamonds, a yellow diamond centre stone surrounded by a white diamond halo is likely within the realms of possibility and holds its own sense of luxe to boot. We recommend darker yellow diamonds set in white gold claws for the ultimate combination of colours and twinkle. Or, reverse it with a yellow diamond halo against a brilliant white centre stone. Either way, this colour pairing is both striking and captivating.

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Sapphire halo rings

Sapphire Halo Rings

A sapphire with a white diamond halo is the epitome of elegance. It’s long been a popular style, perhaps inspired by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s 12-carat sapphire engagement ring. Sapphires boast a significantly lower price point per carat than diamonds, so you too can select a large sapphire gemstone.

Halo Dimensions – Get the Ratios Right

When it comes to halo engagement rings, some ratios look far more appealing than others. Diamondport designers recommend opting for smaller, dainty diamond halos encircling the centre stone. The ratio of a centre diamond to diamond halo stays relatively the same, ensuring a delicate and well-composed style no matter how large the centre stone is. Ultimately, it’s an art, not a science. When designing your halo diamond engagement ring, Diamondport will take you through plenty of designs to find the perfect one for you.

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How Much Does a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

Generally speaking, the biggest cost is the centre stone, and diamonds become exponentially more expensive with size. Here at Diamondport, we craft made-to-order engagement rings. So, if you’re after a halo ring, we’ll make it to suit your budget.

Halo wattle round cut

Price for Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

At Diamondport, a halo ring setting starts at $4,500. This includes the halo setting and metal but doesn’t include the main centre stone.

Centre diamond prices vary considerably. See below some example prices of halo rings including the diamond:

  • 0.5-carat central diamond = $7000 ring
  • 0.75-carat central diamond = $9500 ring
  • 1-carat central diamond costs = $15000 ring

Diamondport Specialists Will Create the Perfect Halo Diamond Engagement Ring for You

If you’re looking to create the perfect halo diamond engagement ring, the diamond ring experts at Diamondport will help craft the ring of their dreams. Visit our studio in Brisbane’s Queen Street mall for a private consultation. If you are located elsewhere in Australia, book a virtual consultation with us now. Together we can craft a high-quality engagement ring. 

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