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Best Tips & Advice for Father of the Bride Speeches

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One of the biggest days of your little girl’s life is drawing near. You’ve opened your wallet, and now it is time to open your heart.

Writing a speech to give as you toast to your baby girl turned bride and her special someone may be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, we are here to get you through!

How to Write the Perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Grab a notepad, a box of tissues and a drink. We’re here to help you write the best father of the bride speech ever.

There are a few spots you should hit in your father of the bride speech that may require a bit of soul searching and strolling down memory lane. After all, the purpose of this speech is to remind your daughter that you loved her first and to let her new spouse know that your little girl is worth being loved forever.

Here are a few tips that will help you deliver the perfect father of the bride speech on your daughter’s big day.

1. Talk About Love

You’re gathered with friends, family and a new extension of your family to celebrate the love of two very special people. What could be a more appropriate topic than love itself?

Talk about the beauty of love. Talk about the choice to keep loving your spouse even during the hard times. Talk about all of the great things that are a result of love.

Mention your love for your daughter and describe the happiness her existence has brought to your life. Remind the lucky lad or lady who will be taking your daughter’s hand to always treat her with love and respect.

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2. Share Stories from Your Daughter’s Childhood

The best way to add a personal touch is to tell some sweet stories of your daughter’s childhood. Talk about some of your favorite memories with your daughter, like the time she walked around in your work boots or gave her first performance on stage. You can tie these stories into the bigger picture of how much she means to you and how you’re happy for this next step in her life. But, whatever you do, don’t make your entire speech recounting her entire life story, that’s more the theme for a 21st party.

Some little girls play dress up, so if you have photos of her in little wedding gowns as a child, this would be the appropriate time to share them for some “awww”s and an added laugh. This part of your speech will probably be a tearjerker.

3. Crack Jokes and Entertain the Crowd

Make a few jokes about your new son-in-law. Talk about the first time you met him and how you felt about him. Take an inside joke you have with the groom and make it appropriate for the whole crowd. Bring up some of the silly things your daughter said about love and relationships as a little girl.

You can even make a joke about your own marriage (depending on its success, of course). Use your comedian skills in a clean manner that gets everyone laughing.

4. Offer Advice to Your Daughter’s New Spouse

Your daughter’s new spouse is her new partner in life. If all goes as planned, this person will be there for her a lot longer than you will.

Share some advice on how you’d like your daughter’s special someone to take care of her. Maybe share how she likes her coffee or what cheers her up when she’s having a rough day. Mention her favorite spot to go to in the city or a place she loved to visit as a child.

Show your new child-in-law that you trust him or her with your little girl’s heart. Reassure them (and yourself) that you’re ready to let go.

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5. Avoid Embarrassing the Couple (Too Much)

You could get up and crack dirty and embarrassing jokes about the couple and people would probably laugh, but that can come across as tasteless. You don’t want your daughter running out of the room with mascara running down her cheeks when you mention how you wish she was marrying her successful ex-boyfriend from high school. Yikes!

It is okay to crack jokes, but not when they are harmful. Do not rag on your new son-in-law throughout the entire speech, even if he’s not your favourite. People will sense the tension and things will get uncomfortable fast.

6. Create an Outline Instead of Writing the Whole Speech

Don’t bother writing an entire speech, word-for-word. You will not memorise it and it will be awkward if you read it off of a piece of paper.

Instead, create some notes or an outline with points that you want to hit in your father of the bride speech. This will help guide your speech without it coming across as unnatural.

7. Welcome Your New Family Members

Give a warm welcome to your daughter’s new in-laws. The division of families can be awkward at a wedding because it could be a lot of people’s first time meeting one another.

Once your daughter and her new partner start a family of their own, the two sides of the family will likely get together much more, but for now, just break the ice. Thank everybody for coming, but offer an extra special welcome to the newest members of your family. Make sure everybody feels included.

8. Watch Your Time

While your speech is important, it’s not the main event and there are probably other speakers who have a lot to say, as well.

Do not rush your speech, but do not ramble on either. About seven to ten minutes is plenty enough time for your speech. Practice your speech a time or two the big day so that you can make sure your timing is right.

When you’re actually giving the speech, maybe have a designated time person who gives you a cue when you’ve reached a certain time and when you’re getting close to your limit. You don’t want to go overboard.

9. End with a Toast

Finish your father of the bride speech with a toast. Toast to the new family that has been created, to the love that is being celebrated, to the happy couple and to the future.

Fill your glass and let out a big “cheers” to the newlyweds.

Guests cheers at wedding reception

Writing the Best Father of the Bride Speech

With these nine simple tips and ideas, you will write an eye-wetting, laugh-inducing, heart-swelling father of the bride speech.

Congratulations and best of luck on your little girl’s big day!

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