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Your Ultimate Jewelry Gifting Guide for 2021

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Their face lights up. It’s the hottest gift you’ve ever given them. They’re instantly in love with it. Yep, you’ve been promoted to gifting master. There’s just one problem –  what is ‘it’?


If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, we’ve got you covered. How to sweep them off their feet AND make them feel like you’ve put years of preparation into one epic gift?


Two words: diamond jewelry. Twinkling and romantic, gifting fine jewelry is a guaranteed surprise, perfect for any occasion, and something they’ll be loving for ever after.


We’ll cut to the chase – here’s our top tips for identifying what kind of jewelry is most popular, buying fine jewelry for your main squeeze, and making sure they *looove* it.

The Diamondport Guide to Jewelry Gifting . . . Ranked By Us

It’s not the jewelry gift ideas gospel, but it’s pretty dang close. Use it as a checklist, a guide to answer the head-scratcher “how do you buy jewelry as a gift?”, or maybe as your complete gifting plan for the next five years. You can thank us later. Here’s how to buy fine jewelry, or diamond jewelry, for your beau.

1. A Diamond Eternity Ring Says It All

They’re sparkling, they’re all about lifelong commitment and devotion, they’re everything your partner wants. Eternity rings are fast losing the staid tradition of the ten-year anniversary, and are now commonly gifted for anything and everything – birthdays, childbirth, anniversaries, just-because, you name it. View our dazzling range of Diamondport eternity rings to select a showstopping jewelry gift.

2. Diamond Studs and Diamond Earrings - A Must-Have

Every woman should own a pair of diamond earrings, no questions asked. They’re a jewelry box staple, and they pair perfectly with literally anything. Studs are our top recommendation if your partner doesn’t yet own a pair of diamond earrings, but a duo of sparkling diamond huggies or hoops are just as fabulous.

3. The Diamond Pendant - The Statement Piece

Why is a necklace a good gift, you ask? They are elegance personified. Pendants hold the symbology of holding someone close to your heart (aw), and make for dazzling statement pieces. Perfect for a subtle way of ‘showing off’ the love you share. The Diamondport Fine Jewellery Pendant collection holds pieces perfect for all, with options for customisation in-store.

4. Diamond Bracelet for the Bling

We could rave on forever about the diamond jewelry bracelet, but we’ll leave that for your partner. You can go either way here – bangle or tennis bracelet. Both as captivating as the other, and equally as necessary. The Diamondport range of Bracelets and Bangles offers an array of options, including diamond tennis bracelets and bangles crafted from white, yellow and rose gold.

5. Diamond Drop Earrings - Oh So Elegant

So yes, we touched on earrings earlier, but the diamond jewelry drops are a cut above. Think night out, fancy dress, hot date, bling on full volume. You’ll both be in love. Shop our distinct diamond drop earrings for unassailable elegance.

6. The Cocktail Ring (with or without cocktails)

For the one who’s got it all – diamond earrings, a glittering pendant, an eternity ring, heck, even diamonds on their wrist. Like their namesake, cocktail rings are a little bit playful and a LOT bold. If you’ve got a little time up your sleeve, this is the type of showstopping present you can pour both your personalities into.

7. Engagement Ring 2.0

No, we don’t mean replace the whole ring, but how about a cheeky diamond upgrade? You’re different from who you were when you got engaged, so why not celebrate with a bigger, sparklier and brand-new diamond? And hey, we’re known as the diamond experts, so you’ve come to the right place.

Hot Tips for Choosing Diamond Jewelry Gifts

Still not sure what to get? Read on for our top tips for choosing jewelry as a gift:


  • Consider: what do you want this jewelry gift to mean for your partner? What will it symbolise or celebrate? Really, any piece can represent anything you want it to – it’s all about what it means to them
  • Their gift, their style – it’s gotta speak to them, right? Use their current jewelry box as your compass. Lots of one type of metal? Clue number one. Affinity with a certain type of jewelry? Clue number two. If they don’t own many pieces yet, think back on any styles or designs they’ve previously commented on. And if you’re totally stumped, just take a punt – it’s diamond, it’s fine jewelry, and it’s from you – they’ll love it no matter what. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – often just a straightforward question is the best way to find out which jewelry items they’ve been eyeing off lately. 
  • Know their size – once again, their current jewelry pieces will be the best way to solve this. If you’re still unsure, bring in the jewelry to show us, and we’ll find the ideal fit in a sparkling new piece
  • What’s your price range? Here at Diamondport, we have fine jewelry gifts that cater to most price ranges. Remember, we’ve got you covered.

The Symbolism of Gifting Diamond Fine Jewellery

If you’ve ever wondered, “why is jewelry a romantic gift?” then here’s the deal; gifting diamonds is the ultimate gesture of love. After all, diamonds are for everyone, and an evergreen gift to celebrate all kinds of occasions. Traditionally, diamonds represent everything from devotion, strength, adoration and longevity, rendering them one of the most romantic ways to express your love. Basically, you can’t go wrong with diamonds. And they will never – NEVER – be out of fashion. 

Brush up your diamond knowledge in our comprehensive 4Cs Diamond guide.

Get Your Diamond Jewelry Gifting On!

Choose straight from our website, or book a consultation with the Diamondport team and select the perfect piece of jewelry in Brisbane to celebrate your partner. The sparkle awaits!

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