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Last updated: October 16, 2017

Diamondport’s top 5 tips for planning a proposal


I’ve been in the diamond industry for over 9 years and have sold thousands of engagement rings. Along with these engagement rings I have also seen hundreds of men that need a helping hand planning a proposal. Finding the ring is what starts it all but it’s the combination of the ring and the proposal you’ll remember forever.

Here’s my top 5 tips to planning the perfect proposal so the moment she says yes is as magical

1.The Location

You mightn’t have the budget to whisk your loved one away for a romantic weekend or holiday so to make it lower key but equally as romantic choose a sentimental location. Go somewhere that was important or significant in your relationship. Where you first met, had your first date or where you first said, ‘I love you’.

2.Be Creative and Different!

Don’t follow the ‘cookie cutter’ proposal be different and unique. That doesn’t mean you should do it while skydiving but instead your proposal should encompass the two of you as a couple and should fit in with who you are and your relationship with one another.

3. Have a plan to celebrate

Don’t let all your planning go into the actual proposal. Remember to include a post-proposal engagement celebration. Whether it’s a celebratory champagne or romantic dinner or even a celebration with your friends and family. Either way, have something planned so you can make that moment last longer and can make it even more memorable

4. Make sure she’s ok with a public proposal

If you’re planning on a public proposal in front of strangers or even loved ones, make sure she’s comfortable with it. Naturally, you should know if it’s her kind of thing or not but just to be sure look up public proposal videos on YouTube and gage her reaction from them as to if you should do it or not.

5. Hire a photographer to capture the moment you say yes

I personally think this one would have to be the most important tip of all. When I got engaged I planned an elaborate proposal filled with a weekend getaway, champagne and rose petals. The only thing I didn’t nail was capturing the moment she said yes. All I have is a grainy iPhone photo that did not do the moment justice. Business’s like Travelshoot are pros in capturing the moment. Even better is that they have photographers in over 90 destinations world-wide so you have plenty of locations to choose from.

Proposal in field with young couple

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