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The Proposal Guru’s Guide to Planning a Proposal She’ll Never Forget

The Proposal Guru – designing amazing wedding proposals

Planning to pop the question? The Proposal Guru shares his tips for planning a breathtaking proposal

I’m a born romantic – it’s one of the most exciting things about my job, quizzing you about your engagement plans. Where are you going to propose? Have you got something special planned? Who’s helping you with the logistics?

Generally, when I ask about where you going to do it, you haven’t thought about it and give a half-hearted answer about proposing here in my office. It’s a nice office, but we can do so much better. So, I’m going to introduce you to Aaron Hill, The Proposal Guru, who is an expert in planning proposals. He’ll tailor an experience and be your wingman on the day, or just be there to help you organise it.

Does your girlfriend like to look her best? Aaron helps pick a moment she'll shine - and not get caught in her pjs.

You’ve only got one chance – make it memorable

There’ll be two things everyone asks when you announce your engagement: ‘let me see the ring’ (I’ve got you covered, there) and ‘how did he propose?’

You’ll both get great at telling the story – so make it a story. Make it breathtaking, romantic and truly wonderful. It’ll be something you both remember and talk about forever.

A ring can be upgraded and changed – not everyone is sentimental. But you can’t change a memory and the way you proposed.

Personally, I planned an incredible proposal when I asked Sarah to marry me. I thought a lot about the details – it was a sunset 4WD tour, and the driver setup champagne and cheese in this beautiful clifftop location, where I popped the question. I’d organised a degustation dinner for afterwards, and just thinking about it makes me want to go back there!

Meet Aaron Hall, The Proposal Guru

Aaron’s background is in events – he worked for the AFL for many years and has a great eye for detail. He’s an expert in planning and create a big and impressive proposal (like his own flashmob proposal) or something more intimate and private. He’ll ask you all the right questions to create your perfect proposal.

How will you pop the question? Check out some proposal ideas from The Proposal Guru.

The proposal guru helps plan romantic proposals

The Statement Proposal: Aaron and Carly’s Flashmob Proposal

How does The Proposal Guru propose? With a flashmob of course! Aaron arranged an extravagant flashmob engagement proposal to the beautiful Carly on the banks of the Yarra in Southbank, Melbourne.

The challenges were immense. From planning every detail, to designing the perfect ring, overcoming potentially devastating mix-ups and ensuring everything ran to plan, all in the greatest secrecy from his partner Carly.

Aaron used music to create atmosphere and structure; it went from exciting to funky to emotional. He can do the same for you; developing an extravagant idea, location scouting, hiring talent, involving family yet keeping the secret, and capturing it all in video or photographs.

The Intimate Proposal

“99% of my clients want an intimate proposal, and my job is to make them shine. To think of the small details that can make the experience even more wonderful” says Aaron.

The perfect example is the client who wanted to propose on top of Mt Warning. He and his girlfriend love the outdoors, and they’d planned this great weekend away.

“We talked through what he thought his fiancée would enjoy; a sunrise hike. We embellished the story with little comforts; details that would make it extra special.

They did the hard yards – hiking up the mountain at 5am. I organised a thermos of hot coffee, fresh croissants, champagne, a rug and pillows in the best spot to watch the sun rise – it was simple and private, yet made their engagement even lovelier.”

The proposal guru: the sunrise proposal | planning a proposal

Aaron’s 4 Tips for Proposing

1. Create a story – the story of you and your soon-to-be fiancée. Keep it authentic, and true to your personal styles. Think about how she would want to be proposed to. Does she like to be the centre of attention or would she prefer something more private? Will she want family there? Will she want to be dressed up and made up, if you’re organising a photographer?

2. Capture the moment – preferably in video, but photographs are wonderful too. It’s a happy occasion, so keep the memories fresh with a professional videographer or photographer on hand.

3. Propose with a ring – it’s essential. There’s this crazy idea that you can do it without a ring, but if you’re serious about proposing I recommend having a ring. You can always have it resized if it doesn’t fit (I offer a True Love Guarantee and will remake the ring if she doesn’t love it). Girls love to show off their engagement ring – so don’t embarrass her by proposing without one.

4. Develop the idea – take a cool idea and add to it.

The proposal guru proposal planning brisbane

Developing your proposal ideas

This is where Aaron’s event planning experience comes to the fore. He’ll take a lovely engagement idea to incredible by evolving and improving the idea, yet keeping it true to your personalities and values. What do I mean by that? He’s not going to suggest a flashmob if your girlfriend is shy. Nor will he suggest an intimate sunrise proposal if you think your girlfriend would want to be dressed up and have family there to celebrate.

So, how does Aaron help make your engagement ideas sing?

He’ll interview you, learning what makes you and your girlfriend tick. By this stage most blokes have an idea of what they’d like to do, plus a rough budget.

Aaron will talk through the psychology of the proposal; things you might not have considered. Some women want to look their best for such a special moment, so he’ll suggest the best time so she’s dressed and made up, without being tipped off.

He knows how to organise stuff; who to call about getting rooftop access, the best singers and musicians in Brisbane. He’s your wingman on the day too, making sure the catering is ready and remembering the engagement ring.

Naturally, we want to share the happy news, so Aaron might suggest a cool way to involve your friends and family. That might be planning a cocktail party or BBQ for the evening of the proposal. Or organising a videographer or photographer to capture the moment and share it later.

What will it cost?        

Aaron works with your budget to create a bespoke experience. He puts it nicely: ‘I couldn’t afford 50 dancers but I could afford 6 fantastic dancers for my own flashmob proposal.’

Call Aaron on 1300 139 067 or drop him a line at [email protected].

The proposal guru: the farm proposal | planning a proposal

How did you pop the question? Is there anything you’d do differently?

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