Last updated: April 28, 2023

So You’re Married Now – What’s Next?

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So the wedding’s done, the honeymoon’s over and the pictures are back from your photographer – what now?! We know that post-wedding blues are real and sometimes, you just need something to look forward to. Something that makes that transition back into “normal” life a bit easier. Here are our best suggestions, that might just include a spot of retail therapy.

Top Tips to Avoid Post Wedding Blues


  • Plan a gallery wall of your favourite wedding photos
  • Start planning your next trip away. It doesn’t have to be a huge holiday, just a weekend away will do the trick. There’s nothing better than having something to look forward to
  • Create a newlywed bucket list of all the things you’d love to achieve/do together in your first year
  • Have a girls night! Planning a wedding might be all about you and your man, but for brides, it also often calls for a lot of girls’ time which can disappear after the Big Day. Don’t let it by organising a girls night – either in or out. Better still, choose a charity and help a great cause as well
  • Keep the romance alive with regular date nights. After the wedding, it can be so easy to just fall back into a boring routine of work, sleep and chores. Keep the spark alive by spending quality time with each other outside of your normal daily routine.

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You might also be thinking that your jewellery days are over but fear not. There’s plenty of jewellery to look forward to…

Jewellery goes a long way to avoid post-wedding blues!

First Stop: Eternity Rings

An eternity ring symbolises never-ending love usually given to you by your husband on a special occasion – such as an anniversary or the birth of a child. With eternity rings, there are two options. Either a half-eternity where the gemstones are only on the top half of the ring or a full-eternity where they go all the way around. Normally for the sake of symmetry, your eternity ring is kept the same size as the wedding band but it is possible to keep the style the same and just increase the size of each diamond or gemstone. If you’re going to do this it’s a good idea to increase the size by more than just a couple points, so that the difference looks intentional. Another alternative is to wear your eternity ring on your right hand, in which case, it can be as large as you please!

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Pendants look great on everybody

Pendants are great for wearing either every day or on special occasions. Whether on gold, rose gold, rhodium-plated or silver chain, we offer an exquisite range of pendant necklaces. Consider a pendant with crystals, your birthstone, your husband’s birthstone or even diamonds to create something meaningful and unique to you.

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Earrings: Every girl needs a pair

After you’ve been married for a year, shop for the traditional gift colour for a first anniversary: GOLD. Consider some soft gold and diamond studs to celebrate making it 365 days. Alternatively, how about a pair of drop earrings with your favourite gemstone or birthstone like these we recently created as an anniversary gift?

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Whatever it is that you’re wanting to create to celebrate your love and marriage, we can help. All our jewellery is designed in-house and crafted by some of Australia’s best jewellers. You can rest assured you’re not only getting a quality product that’ll bring a smile to your face for years to come, but also something that is entirely unique to you and you and everlasting reminder of your love story.

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