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Delicious diamond eternity rings – they’re big, bold and beautiful

Delicious diamond eternity rings – they’re big, bold and beautiful

The new trend in eternity rings

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating engagement rings – the planning, the emotion, the suspense! And the delight when I get the phone call or text saying “She said yes!”, knowing that our plan was a great success – I feel like I’m part of it, of course.

But there’s another joyous part of my job…. Designing an eternity ring for a newlywed bride. There’s something wickedly indulgent about creating a diamond ring for the sheer pleasure of it, to mark an anniversary, birthday or birth.

What’s trending in eternity rings?

The bold and the beautiful    

The biggest trend this year is bigger diamonds and bolder designs.

Some wonderful bold designs have crossed my desk this year, and I love them. Women are choosing exactly what they want, and sometimes this is their first opportunity if their engagement ring was a surprise.

I’m seeing larger diamonds in a full circle band – sometimes worn on the right hand, channel set diamond bands with round-princess-round or round-baguette-round cut diamonds, and round brilliant three-stone rings.

Trilogy diamond eternity ring

The right-hand eternity ring

You’re somewhat limited when you’re designing for the left hand in that it must complement the engagement ring. Which means it might match your wedding ring, and it certainly can’t compete with your engagement ring.

So, we’re seeing a trend towards eternity rings worn on the right hand where you’ve got the freedom to choose exactly the ring you wish, and use bigger hero diamonds as well.

The bold and the beautiful. A diamond eternity ring the wear on your right hand.

Vintage styling

It’s a bigger trend that you might have guessed! Perhaps inspired by Kate Middleton’s emerald sparkler, and a resurgence of restored antique jewellery, I’ve created some beautiful vintage-inspired rings this year.

I’ve had clients who love the idea of wearing a family heirloom passed down the generations, but really want their own design, and a sturdy ring that will withstand daily wear. That’s why a vintage-inspired ring is a great compromise – bringing in new diamonds and beautiful detail.

Popular choices this year include marquise diamonds with round brilliant cut diamonds bead set and alternating all the way round the band. Pear or baguette cut diamonds set with alternating round brilliant cut diamonds also, and fine details in the metalwork; scalloping or millgrain edging.

A vintage inspired bezel set diamond eternity ring

The traditional full circle diamond band

There’s no doubt that the full circle diamond band is still a firm favourite. Whether you choose a channel set or claw set, it’s an elegant, timeless design. As our rings are fully custom made, we tend to create eternity rings to match a wedding ring, so that you have twin diamond bands surrounding your engagement ring. Sparkle on!

Full circle diamond band eternity ring | eternity rings brisbane | diamondport

What are we celebrating?

In grandma’s day, an eternity ring marked your 10th wedding anniversary. Nowadays we celebrate earlier, because life’s short and we love diamonds.

Great excuses to invest in an eternity ring;

  • To celebrate your first wedding anniversary
  • To mark the birth of your first child
  • A special birthday – perhaps your 30th
  • Because you love diamonds!

One for each daughter

I have a client with two daughters aged two and five. The elder daughter has already laid claim to her engagement ring, so she designed an eternity ring of similar value, which will one day be gifted to the second daughter. Great forward planning!

What are other people spending on diamond eternity rings?

My clients are spending on average $3,000 to $7,000 on a diamond eternity ring.

A year after your wedding you’ve recovered from the cost of the reception and honeymoon, you’re often both working, and you have the money to invest in a memento of your first anniversary.

Want to chat about an eternity ring?

You’re very welcome to visit my studio, browse some diamonds and designs and I can give you a quote. No obligation, of course.

I suggest you make an appointment, bring in some inspiration (magazine cuttings or a Pinterest board perhaps) and we can catch up.

Over to you. What will your eternity ring look like?

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