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5 Tips to Help Him Design Your Unique Engagement Ring

5 Tips to Help Design Your Unique Engagement Ring

I think he’s going to propose – how can I help design the ring?

I hear you – when your beloved boyfriend gets down on one knee, you want to cry with joy, not because he chose an ugly diamond ring.

There’s plenty of ways you can be in on the design, and still have a romantic surprise proposal.

80% of the time, it’s your boyfriend that I meet first and we design your unique engagement ring together. But sometimes I have the privilege of working with you – and you’re always so thrilled to be able to design exactly the ring you’ve always dreamed of.

“So this blog is for you – the girl who’d love to give her boyfriend some subtle (or not so subtle) design cues”.

Here I share some tips for helping your future fiancé create a truly incredible engagement ring that’s perfectly suited to your style.

Five tips to help your boyfriend design your engagement ring

#1 – Tell your best friends

If he wants to keep it a surprise from you, chances are he’ll ask your best friend for design input instead. So let your girlfriends know what you love! Talk to them about the style you like best; whether that’s a halo, solitaire, solitaire with a diamond band, princess cut or another glorious style.

You can even go a step further and tell your boyfriend which of your friends’ rings you like; “I really love Anna’s engagement ring. I love princess cut diamonds – they’re so elegant”.

If he misses that hint, there’s still a few more opportunities available to you.

Send him your pinterest engagement ring board

#2 – Tag him on social media, create a Pinterest board

See something you love on Instagram? Tag him! Create a Pinterest board. Sarah, my wife, did this – she collated photos of engagement rings, and recently started a new board for eternity rings (thanks, darling!)

Your boyfriend might look disinterested but he’s quietly taking notes – you’d be surprised how many guys have these bookmarked or keep a screenshot.

#3 – Scrapbook magazine cuttings or photos in a PDF

David’s girlfriend – an extremely patient woman – emailed him a PDF three and a half years ago. ‘Just in case you ever want to propose’, she said.

He kept it safe all these years, and now we’re designing a ring very similar to that look.

So, collect magazine cuttings in a scrapbook, or collate them electronically. Be sure to mention your preferred metal (gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold?) and any other must-haves.

"tiffany style" diamond solitaire rings are always popular

#4 – Visit a jewellery store

Pop into a jewellery store, try on a few designs and send your boyfriend a photo. He’s now got photographic evidence and knows exactly what you want!

Notice how there’s no privacy though? It’s why I have a private studio and take appointments – so that your boyfriend can come in without the chance of being spotted by friends or family and having the surprise spoilt.

Come to the design meeting - your input is always appreciated.

#5 – Come in for a design meeting

You’re welcome to come in for a design meeting so that you can have input on every aspect of the ring – choosing the diamond, the metal, whether it’s 4 claws or 6, the shape of the band and any other details.

What I’d recommend is that you come to the design meeting, then allow your boyfriend to come back and sort out the paperwork later. Chivalry is alive and well, and guys seem more comfortable taking care of the money alone.

Bonus Tip

Pop into a jewellery store and find out your finger size. We’ll resize your ring for free, but it’s better to have the right size straight off.

A stunning pear diamond with halo and diamond shoulder | unique engagement ring | diamondport

Are you sure I’m not being demanding?

You’re being helpful. Some guys come in with very little idea about what their girlfriend wants. At Diamondport I have the ‘True Love’ guaranteeif you don’t love it, I’ll remake it.

I’m yet to meet a guy who isn’t grateful for a few hints – subtle or otherwise – from his gorgeous girlfriend.

So if you’re nervous, maybe start with #1.

Or take the plunge and send him some photos, prefaced with “this is for the future…”.

And if you’re really stuck, send your photos, and your boyfriend, to me. You can even book his visit online.

Have you given your boyfriend a clear design brief? How did you do it?

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