Last updated: May 12, 2022

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most exciting aspects of the engagement ring process is deciding what ring best reflects your love and unique style. It’s one of the longest style commitments that you’ll ever make, so it’s important to find the perfect everlasting ring design for you.

Without further adieu, here are the top three reasons why people (and heck, maybe you?) choose a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.


Pear engagment ring with wedding band


1. You Want to Stand Out and Be Outstanding

The pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is still quite niche and offers a more adventurous alternative to common engagement ring shapes. Often dubbed the cut for the adventurous woman, the pear-shaped diamond is a top pick for the woman who wants to stand out. It’s sparkling teardrop resemblance is sharp, elegant and effortlessly different. Put simply, ideal for anybody who wants to feel like an individual, and a classy one to boot.

Plus, no matter the size or dimensions of your pear-shaped diamond, it offers a dazzling sparkle and can appear larger than other shapes at the same carat size. We’d call that bang for your buck, in its most glamorous sense. 

Australia’s own Margot Robbie, who is known to be fiercely independent herself, rocks a sparkling pear-shaped diamond ring on a pavé band, which she showed the world in an Instagram post by literally giving us the finger.


2. You’re All About That Cut

There’s no better reason to opt for the pear-shaped engagement ring than simply because you love the shape.

What makes the pear-shaped diamond so incredibly captivating, you ask? This cut is made up of two different diamond cuts by mixing the best of the round brilliant cut and the marquise. Creating a striking yet subtle change from every other round-shaped diamond, the pear creates a completely individual look that is centred on singularity and boldness. The pear shape ring is no shrinking violet, and that’s exactly why it’s loved.


3. You Value Both Traditional Romance and Modern Style

As contemporary and edgy as it may seem, the pear-shaped diamond was actually invented in the 1400s. So while this dazzling cut holds all the spice of a modern design, it bears a traditionalism you may not have considered. The cool part about it? A pear-shaped ring is as effervescent as it is traditionally romantic. It’s the perfect amalgamation of two worlds, whilst never losing its novel and individualistic style.


Best Pear Shaped Ring Diamond Ring Settings

The way you choose to set your pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is entirely up to you. However, it’s important to note that the pointed tip of a pear diamond should be well protected in its setting. The pointed end can easily catch, making it vulnerable to damage. With the right setting, you can protect your diamond and showcase your style. We recommend setting your pear diamond with either 3 or 5 claws, and with a V claw at the tip to ensure its safety. When it comes to styles, the options are endless! Solitaire, halo, and diamond band settings are the most popular, and look fabulous with any gold colouring.


What Direction Should You Wear a Pear-Shaped Diamond?

There’s no correct way to wear your pear-shaped ring, that choice is yours! Most people choose to set their pear diamond pointing upwards towards the fingertips, which helps to elongate the appearance of fingers. However, some decide to set it on an angle or pointed back towards the knuckles.


Find the Perfect Pear Ring with Diamondport

Hands up if you’re now stoked on finding the perfect pear-shaped diamond ring? *Two hands up*. Dazzling, timeless and adventurous, you can’t go wrong with the pear cut engagement ring. 

Visit the Diamondport Diamond Experts to choose a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring in Australia that is uniquely you.

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