Popularity of Morganite Engagement Rings in Australia has Skyrocketed!

Last updated: April 12, 2023

Morganite Engagement Rings: The New Player in the Australian Market

Morganite Engagement Rings

If you popped onto Pinterest or Instagram in the last couple of years, there’s no doubt that you’ll have seen that gorgeous blush-pink or peachy rings adorning the well-manicured fingers of women across the globe, but you may not have known what they are. Until now…

What is Morganite?

Morganite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1910 and is named for banker and philanthropist J.P Morgan. It belongs to the same family of mineral as emerald and aquamarine and comes in a variety of colours from pale blush, to peach, to salmon. Whilst the paler stones are more common and the most popular, the deeper varieties are considered more valuable.

Morganite ring with diamond halo

Morganite vs Diamonds

Morganite engagement rings are a great alternative to diamond engagement rings, not only for its beauty but also its durability, ranking at 7.5 – 8 on the Hardness Scale. What does that mean? Well, with care, a morganite ring can last you a lifetime. Morganite rings also have a high degree of brilliance, much like diamonds, so it’ll sparkle come rain or shine.

What does a morganite ring cost?

Unlike diamonds and pink diamonds, morganite is affordable, with many stones costing around $300 per carat, a fraction of their diamond cousins. Ironically, it is morganite’s rarity that makes them affordable.

Halo dimensions – get the ratios right

Why We Love Morganite

What’s not to love? For the non-traditional bride, morganite is a stone that’s not going to go out of style, plus it has heaps of personality. Whilst it may be unconventional, the exquisite colour will never date and make the ring a timeless classic. A morganite ring would be a lovely cocktail ring or birthday/anniversary gift for your partner or wife, As they are perfect for someone who likes to stand out a little from the crowd. It also goes beautifully with any setting – gold, platinum or rose gold – and looks stunning when surrounded by a halo of pavé diamonds.

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