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Modern diamond engagement rings

Are you looking for a modern engagement ring?

Whilst round cut diamond solitaires are stunning, they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Modern and contemporary engagement ring settings are an ideal choice for a bride-to-be on the cutting edge of fashion. These designs often feature clean lines and sweeping curves, with bands that evoke contemporary sculpture.

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Modern Ring Design Ideas

Modern engagement rings usually feature diamonds in a bezel setting. Which is a popular ring setting not only due to its modern look but also its suitability for an active lifestyle. Which, you guessed it, is perfect for Queensland with some many outdoor and sporting activities. Instead of holding the diamond with prongs, the bezel setting encircles the diamond, or centre stone, with a thin metal rim custom-made to hold the stone tightly in place.


A bezel setting can be a full or partial setting: a full bezel completely surrounds the diamond whereas a partial bezel will leave the sides open. It’s a great choice for nurses, doctors, and others looking for a ring that won’t catch on anything and ensures the diamond is fully protected.

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Have You Heard Of Tension Setting?

Another alternative is to create a ring with a tension setting – so named for the metal band that keeps the diamond in place and resulting in the diamond appearing to float between the metal.

Lasers are used to calibrate the dimensions of the diamond, which allows us to expertly cuts tiny grooves into the sides of the band so that your diamond is held in place by the pressure of the custom metal band pushing into the sides of the stone. As an alternative, tension-style settings feature a similar look but are less expensive and complicated to make. These tension-style settings also add extra security as we use a prong or bezel setting on the side or underneath the diamond to anchor it firmly in place.

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Modern Wedding Rings For Her

Whether you’re after something that’s been beautifully crafted, ethically sourced or even perfectly embellished, there are many options when it comes to modern wedding rings for your bride-to-be. From simple plain bands to channel set and even hammer set, the options are endless.

For those wanting a complete set, there are fitted wedders – where the wedding band fits around the engagement ring for a snug fit and complete look. Alternatively, there are channel set wedding bands, which feature a thin band of metal on either side of the diamonds/gemstones like train tracks. This setting is modern in style and ensures the stones are protected from everyday wear and tear.

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A Hammer Set Ring Could Be The Way To Go!

Another contemporary option is hammer set rings. These rings feature diamonds that are set fully flush with the metal. These are perfect for the bride who wants something more subtle than a full diamond wedding band but a little more sparkly than a plain band. Hammer set rings are also easy to add extra diamonds to later – for the birth of a child or anniversary for example.

Choosing the right setting depends on the bride-to-be’s style and lifestyle. If she works in a profession where her hands are likely to brush up against things, or she leads an active lifestyle, perhaps a modern engagement ring is for her! If you’re unsure, make an appointment with us today and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction!

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