Last updated: April 30, 2023

Men’s Wedding Rings: Consider Diamondport Options for HIM

Classic Mens Wedding Rings

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, there’s never been more choice than there is right now! Whilst the options used to be either plain or two-toned if he was feeling adventurous, now there’s the option to use a whole host of different metal types and settings. Contemporary options include metals like platinum,  titanium and palladium, as well as diamond set bands.

Classic Men’s Wedding Rings

If you’re a jeans and tee kinda guy, then the classic plain band is perfect for you – but don’t go think it has to be yellow gold if that’s not your style. Options now include platinum, platinum600, tungsten, titanium and palladium – so you can get the style that suits yours – and you can be sure it’ll never date.

Just a note though – please remember that titanium rings cannot be resized, so make sure yours is spot on before you buy.

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Unique Men’s Wedding Rings

Do you enjoy doing things a little different than everyone else? Then a wedding band that has a few extra details to make it feel really special sounds like the right fit.  Instead of opting for your classic plain band, try a band that has a few unexpected elements – like a hammered metal, coin edge or twisted design. Your ring will be unique, just like you.

If your job involves a lot of hands-on work, or you enjoy being active on the daily, then platinum is your guy. It’s by far the best metal you can choose to protect against anything that life may throw at you. Not only is it extremely durable but it will only get stronger with time and actually harden as the years go by.

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Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

If you’re after something that’s the complete opposite of your classic metal wedding band, then consider adding some colour to your ring. The addition of carbon fibre and rose gold elements create unique designs that give a one-of-a-kind look.  So if you aren’t afraid of a little colour, ask us about rings carbon fibre details and mixed metal components to really up your game.

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Diamond Men’s Wedding and Engagement Rings

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend! They can also be yours. If you like to stand out from the crowd, the add a little bling to your wedding ring so that it’s sure to sparkle from every angle. We absolutely adore hammer set diamonds for men’s wedding bands – I even went for this style in my own wedding ring.

With so many options available, there’s now no excuse for not wanting to wear an engagement ring or wedding ring, whether you’d like something classic with diamonds, or something totally unique we can personalise your wedding ring to suit you.

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