Last updated: December 12, 2023

Three Stone Engagement Rings – a Complete Guide

Why have one when you can have three? Three stone engagement rings, aka trilogy engagement rings, are known as one of the most timeless engagement ring designs. They were made exceptionally popular by Tiffany & Co, and now three stone rings are an enduring favourite; after all, they’re maximum bling in one ring.

Because you’re begging to know more about this elegant design, we’ve pooled our expertise on all things three-stone engagement rings, including the symbolism of this style, elegant design options, wedding bands to complement three stone rings, and how Diamondport can help you create an exquisite trilogy diamond engagement ring to suit your style and budget. 


Emerald diamond trilogy engagement ring with emerald diamonds yellow gold


The Meaning Behind the Trilogy Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings are rich in sentimental symbolism. The three diamonds are said to represent the past, present and future of the relationship – your love so far, the time you’re enjoying together, and the exciting future that you have ahead. Nawww!


Blue saphire emerald trilogy engagement ring with emerald diamonds


Three Stone Engagement Ring Design

Traditionally, the three stone engagement ring setting featured round brilliant diamonds in a standard 2:1 ratio. Is this outdated? Not at all, but know that three stone engagement rings are now whatever you want them to be. A larger centre stone flanked by two smaller diamonds is ideal for a delicate and feminine design that heroes the larger stone. More of a bold, bigger-is-better kinda soul? Three equally or similarly large stones say audacious before you’ve even opened your mouth. Own your style when it comes to three stone engagement rings. Your trilogy, your way.


Three stone engagement ring with round brilliant diamonds


Three Stone Engagement Ring Design Inspiration

Round diamonds might be the popular pick for most engagement ring designs, but we’re here to tell you that trilogy engagement rings look fabulous with whichever diamond cuts you choose. Many of our signature three stone engagement rings feature fancy cuts, from radiant to emerald, tapered baguette and oval, and are absolutely BOSS. Note too that the stones don’t have to all be the same; some of the best three stone engagement rings mix and match with different diamond cuts and gemstones. Diamonds, sapphires or emeralds make sensational choices for the central stone, especially when offset with the cool tones of a white gold or platinum band. But of course, there’s no wrong combo – what matters is that it resonates with you.

Three Stone Ring Settings

No matter the diamond ratio or gems that you decide on for your three stone ring, choosing the right ring setting is a vital design step. Finding the right mounting for your design is key to ensuring that your three chosen gems are properly showcased. Our bestselling three stone engagement ring design, the Banksia, features a delicate and flower-like setting style, which heroes the three gemstones whilst championing a uniquely feminine design. Another of our three stone ring designs, the Grevillea, is set with an ornate line of diamond accents and an open gallery setting style. Really, the options are endless – no stress, we’ll ensure you pick the perfect one for you. 

Wedding Bands to Complement Three Stone Rings

So, what wedding band for three stone engagement rings are best? The classic style of a three stone engagement ring is beautifully accompanied by almost any wedding band. As a three-stone ring is typically chosen for its simplicity and ability to show off jaw-dropping diamonds, a full diamond wedding band is a popular choice. A channel set or shared setting diamond band would provide an incredibly diamond-rich appearance. On the other hand, a plain band with a knife-edge or French curve also looks exceptional, allowing the trilogy to shine.

Find a Breathtaking Three Stone Engagement Ring

If you’re considering a three stone engagement ring for your beloved, the Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists will guide you through the process to craft an exquisite piece.

Our three stone diamond engagement rings are Australian-made in our local Brisbane Jewellery Studio. Visit us for a no-obligation consultation and start the journey towards crafting a ring that symbolises your past, present and future together.


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