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3 Stone Engagement Rings – A Classic Design

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings, or diamond trilogy rings as they are also known, are a classic design made popular by Tiffany & Co. This page will detail Three stone Engagement Ring examples and how Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists can help you create the perfect trilogy ring to suit your style and budget.

They’re an enduring favourite – for their elegant simplicity which allows the stones to take centre stage. Just like a solitaire engagement ring, three stone engagement rings are all about diamonds; it’s a design you choose when you want maximum sparkle and gasps from admirers.

The Tiffany & Co style classic trilogy diamond ring features round brilliant diamonds in an aesthetically pleasing 2:1 ratio. The central diamond is double the size of the two shoulder diamonds. So, if the central diamond is 1.5 carat the two diamonds on each side will each be 0.75 carat, with a 3.0 carat total carat weight.

Changing the ratio really changes the look; a 3:2 ratio also looks fantastic – imagine a 0.75 carat central diamond surrounded by two 0.5 carat diamonds. Also beautiful, but quite a different look.

There’s no need to stick to round diamonds in your trilogy ring– let’s browse other diamond cuts and precious gems. Princess or cushion cut diamonds look spectacular in a trilogy ring setting, as do emerald cut diamonds flanked by baguettes. Green or blue emeralds are a sensational choice for the central stone, and rose or yellow gold bands are increasingly popular.

Inspiration for a Three stone Engagement Ring

Round brilliant diamonds are in vogue, but here’s some variations to a three stone engagement ring.

Trilogy Engagement Rings can also include coloured gems, such as this Blue Emerald Sapphire. It includes Emerald Diamonds as the side stones.

Trilogy_Engagement_Ring_with_Blue_Sapphire_Emerald_and_Emerald_diamonds The classic Round Diamond Three stone engagement ring with Round Diamonds on the side. 

This stunning Trilogy Engagement Ring includes an Oval Diamond as the centre stone and two Pear diamonds as the side diamonds. 

Three stone Engagement Ring with an Oval Diamond and Pear Diamonds

The past, present and future – the meaning behind the trilogy engagement ring

Three stone engagement rings are rich in symbolism. The three diamonds are said to represent the past, present and future. What a beautiful sentiment; the love thus far, the time you’re enjoying together, and the exciting future you have ahead.

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Round Brilliant Diamonds

The wedding band – how shall we complement thee?

A three stone engagement ring is such a classic, it can handle any wedding band. Clients choose a three stone ring for its simplicity – because it’s all about showing off these jaw-dropping diamonds, and hence a full diamond wedding band is a popular choice. A channel set or shared setting diamond band would give an incredible diamond-rich appearance.

On the flip side, a plain band with knife edge or French curve would be exceptional too, allowing the trilogy to shine.

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