Sapphire Engagement Rings

We make beautiful sapphire rings from the finest Ceylon and Australian sapphires.

There’s no doubt about it, sapphires make stunning engagement rings. Their popularity has soared in recent years following Kate Middleton’s engagement when she became the very lucky recipient of one royal sapphire and diamond ring, formally worn by Princess Diana. The most popular blue sapphire engagement ring is inspired by this royal ring – an oval or cushion cut sapphire with a halo of white diamonds – nothing shy of stunning.

Sapphires – the ideal cut and polish

Great news boys – sapphires are cheaper per carat than diamonds, so we generally sell them in bigger sizes. A 3 carat Ceylon sapphire ring with diamonds in the shoulder might cost around $8,000-$11,000. That same size diamond would cost $100,000. Choose a sapphire and you’ll get a much bigger stone for your money.

Sapphires tend to be cut into ovals and cushions to retain more of their colour and more of the gemstone itself. Round sapphires are also popular, but their final shape involves removing a large portion of the sapphire, hence they tend to be more expensive per carat than ovals and cushions. Diamonds are cut round as that’s how they sparkle and scintillate and refract light, but sapphires have a magnificent colour and scintillation in fancy cuts.

Coloured gemstones generally have better colouring in a fancy cut as there’s more depth on the bottom side. Cutting that away often takes away the colour.

Sapphires wear beautifully

Sapphires are particularly durable and scratch-resistant due to their exceptionally hard crystal structure; the only natural thing that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond. Their durability makes them an ideal choice for engagement rings and other jewellery worn daily.

Synthetic sapphires, made in labs within a few months, are chemically identical and often sold in retail shops for a lesser price. It’s important to ask the question as the industry is obligated to advise you if gems are synthetic at the time of sale. Keep in mind synthetic sapphires will appear flawless, whereas natural sapphires have slight imperfections – which marks their authenticity, natural beauty and heightened value.

Sky blue to deep indigo – choosing a sapphire colour

Sapphires are found in many places throughout the world. At Diamondport we source ethical origin sapphires from Australia and Sri Lanka.

Australian sapphires tend to be very dark and almost black, and the colour varies between regions, with sapphire deposits in central Queensland, the New England and Macquarie river regions of New South Wales. Provenance is important to some customers, more so than colour, as their support for the Australian industry is admirable.

Ceylon sapphires hail from Sri Lanka, where they have been mined for possibly 2500 years. Ceylon sapphires tend to be lighter in colour than Australian sapphires, from light powder blue to a medium blue.

Dark Ceylon sapphires are my personal favourites. Their luminosity, radiance and allure is like no other. Australian sapphires are incredible, but placed side by side with a Ceylon stone, the Ceylon will generally have a brighter colour and more pleasing sparkle.

Sapphire & diamond rings fit for a princess

When women think of sapphire engagement rings, they often think of Kate Middleton and Princess Di. Two beautiful women, one universally recognised sapphire and diamond ring.

Kate’s engagement ring is a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of 14 brilliant cut diamonds set in 18 carat white gold. It’s elegant, classic, timeless – a design that will never date. Diana selected her sapphire and diamond ring off the shelf from a renowned English jeweller,  however there are benefits to custom designing and making your own lady.

Sapphires – Synonymous with Royalty

While Kate Middleton is inspiring many young women to consider sapphires, these beautiful gemstones have long been associated with royalty. It’s said that the naming of the colour ‘royal blue’ may have been sparked by sapphires, and medieval kings wore sapphires in the belief the gemstones would protect them from their enemies.

Other royals to don sapphires include Queen Catherine II of Moscow who wore the Ceylon sapphire encrusted Imperial Crown of Russia, and Queen Victoria, who was given a blue sapphire brooch by Prince Albert on the eve of their wedding (which was later worn by Queen Elizabeth II).

Kate’s 12-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring originally cost £28,000 when it was purchased in 1981, and it’s estimated to be worth around £300,000 now. It’s not necessary to spend this much on a stunning sapphire ring, and to be honest, most people would feel embarrassed wearing such a large ring. It’s certainly possible to buy a beautiful ring, fit for a princess, at a very affordable price.

Creating the Perfect Sapphire Ring

Firstly, you can choose the perfect sapphire to suit your design, taste and budget. Sapphires vary in colour from a light sky blue to a deep indigo. The cut affects the scintillation, and they can have few or many inclusions or imperfections. Just like choosing a centrepiece diamond, care should be taken when selecting a sapphire as the colour and quality can vary enormously.
Secondly, sapphire engagement rings are an exquisite niche, and there’ll always be fewer ready-made sapphire options in the larger jewellery stores. Buying a ready-made ring could ultimately mean compromising on quality, sapphire colour, metal, and other design elements. Do yourself a favour and create a truly magnificent custom-made ring, designed and inspired by you.
Choosing a sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful decision; you’re marrying a creative girl who’s comfortable being a little different. Do her creativity justice – take the time to learn more about sapphires, choose the perfect stone and design a truly beautiful ring, so that you can give your fiancée exactly the ring she would like.

Inspiration for your sapphire ring design

Diamonds make sapphires sing. A sapphire ring by itself can be a little boring, but add diamonds and you’ll have a wonderful piece of jewellery.

What’s in trend? Thanks to Princess Di and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, an oval sapphire with a diamond halo is very much on-trend. Small sapphires are a great choice as a highlight stone, and can be interspersed with diamonds. We’ve even created some yellow and pink sapphire rings recently – sapphires come in a great range of colours.


“Excellent service, highly qualified and knowledgeable (without being pushy like other jewellers we’ve spoken to), with great ideas and options. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a special piece.” – Sarah Baker

Ash was extremely personable, always respectful and made the exercise enjoyable. Ash is a True Professional” – Trent Christey

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