Solitaire Engagement Rings

The Solitaire. The most iconic style of engagement ring, and the very height of timeless, classical elegance.

A Solitaire Engagement Ring speaks for itself, and this deeply refined, powerfully graceful style has adorned the fingers of both royalty and the extraordinary throughout history, going as far back as ancient Rome. This style is beautifully classical, and will never date, nor lose its appeal.

With a classical and timeless design, the Solitaire Engagement Ring is endlessly customisable. Despite its simplicity, the options to make your Solitaire Engagement Ring uniquely yours are infinite. This minimalist design lends itself well to stacking with ornate wedding and eternity rings, or you can preserve the flawless elegance of the Solitaire Engagement Ring with a simple, classical band.

With such a beautifully simple design, all the attention is on the centre stone. As this style is a superb compliment for all diamond cuts, you are only limited by your imagination.

Explore our collection of enchanting Solitaire Engagement Rings, and find the perfect style to symbolise your unique love story.

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