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The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Are you considering a well-deserved upgrade to your cherished original engagement ring? Chances are, if you’ve enjoyed your beloved piece for quite some time or have reached a new stage in your relationship, it might be time to take your ring up a notch.

In this guide, we will take you through the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade your engagement ring, the best ways to enhance your ring and the potential costs involved.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

1. Times Are Changing and So Are You

Perhaps you loved your original ring back then, however, your taste and preferences have changed since. If the shape, colour, metal or setting of your ring no longer suits you, it’s time for a change. Upgrading your engagement ring with a modern ring setting may better reflect who you are now.

2. You Thought You’d Love Your Ring Forever

Is there a new diamond engagement ring trend that you’ve fallen head over heels for? Or, perhaps you jumped on a trend when you purchased your ring and now you’re not as enamoured with it as you once were. Upgrading your original engagement ring can shift the ring you once loved into a piece that better reflects your current taste.

3. Your Bank Account Is All Grown Up

Maybe you and your spouse have worked hard over the past decade or two, and your bank balance looks a little fuller than it did when you first wed. Perhaps you weren’t in a position to afford the ring of your dreams back then and you now are? Upgrading your engagement ring can mark this momentous shift in your life and relationship.

4. You’ve Inherited Diamonds

Since your wedding, you have inherited a diamond that you’d love to incorporate into your engagement ring. Upgrading the diamond in your engagement ring is a wonderful way to do so.

5. You’ve Made It!

Celebrating a milestone anniversary is one of Diamondport’s favourite reasons to upgrade your engagement ring. Couples celebrating 10, 15 or 20 years of marriage are the most common here at Diamondport, and we adore revamping their original rings or finding an exquisite new piece.

Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

What’s a better way to celebrate your marriage or milestone than upgrading your engagement ring? No matter the reason to touch up your ring, here’s what you should consider:

  • Will you keep the stones and remodel the style only?
  • Would you love a larger diamond to take centre stage?
  • Will you use some of the diamonds from your current ring?
  • How will you maintain its sentimental value?
  • What colour gold or other metal will you use?
  • How will you discuss an upgrade with your partner?

Discussing potential engagement ring upgrades with your partner should be the first step in the process. Remember, your partner bought your original engagement ring with love and the best of intentions. Be mindful of not offending your loved one, reminding them that you love your original ring but over time your tastes have evolved. Having this conversation early on also means that your partner is included in the engagement ring upgrade process, so you can end up with a ring you both cherish.

Engagement Ring Upgrading Ideas

Upgrading your engagement ring or making any enhancements should be done with careful research. The Diamondport experts are here to guide you each step of the way – we’ve laid out the top 3 options for upgrading your ring below.

1. Remodel Your Ring Setting

The best bang for your buck and the most straightforward way to remodel your ring is by changing the setting. Also for sentimental reasons, many people like to include the original diamond/s in their remodelled ring and change only the setting. If this option is for you, it’s super important to have your diamond appraised by a qualified diamond expert. When Diamondport experts appraise your diamond, we ensure that it has no cracks or scratches before deciding to include it in another setting. Afterwards, you can move on to redesigning your setting.

2. Remodel Your Ring Including New Diamonds

Many of the remodelling options that we propose include keeping the original engagement ring diamonds to honour their sentimental value. From here, you may also wish to add a new large diamond into the mix. These are your best options to do so:


  • Add side stones – if you have a solitaire setting, a popular choice is to add side stones. The addition of diamonds on the shoulders of your band (on either side of your centre diamond/s) will lift your ring’s look to an entirely new level.
  • Three stone ring – take your current solitaire and go for a three-stone ring with your original stone relocated to a side stone position.
  • Create a halo – the traditional halo look means that your upgraded ring will stand the test of time. Consider adding a circle of diamonds around your current stone for enhanced glamour and radiance.

3. Enjoy a Completely New Engagement Ring

If you have your eye set on a completely fresh design, go for it. Don’t worry, this option doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t honour the sentimental value of your original ring. Below, we suggest wonderful options for your original engagement ring. The two main choices in this category include staying with a similar style but changing the size of the diamonds, or completely changing the design.

What’s the Cost of Upgrading My Engagement Ring?

This is the ultimate question and the answer is entirely yours to answer. There are no strict cost rules for upgrading your engagement ring. Here at Diamondport, we commonly see an increase between 0.5ct – 1ct during upgrades. Often, those with 0.5ct will jump up to 1ct and those with 1ct will change to between 1.5ct-2ct.

What to do with your original engagement ring?

If the stone you’re replacing won’t be used in your new ring, there are several options to honour its sentimental value of your original engagement ring:

  • Create a stunning pair of solitaire earrings. Ask your Diamondport jeweller to engrave a mark on the earring that holds your original stone. This way you’ll forever know which one it is.
  • Create an elegant diamond pendant to wear on a necklace every single day.
  • Use the diamond in fine jewellery design for your right hand.
  • Design an eternity to compliment your refreshed engagement ring.
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Upgrading Your Engagement Ring in Brisbane? Here’s Our Checklist

To wrap up everything we’ve covered in this guide, here are the key areas to check off in your engagement ring upgrade journey:

  • Discuss options with your partner
  • Set a budget
  • Choose a style
  • Contact the experts at Diamondport

The diamond experts here at Diamondport will guide you through your upgrades, catering to every budget and preference. Book an appointment today.

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