The perfect engagement ring. For something so tiny, it sure is a big deal. At least we think so. That’s why we put together Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring survey.

We want to know what goes through a guy’s mind when he’s about to propose. And we want to know what goes through a girl’s mind when he finally does.

We’re looking for the skinny on how Aussies spend their time, effort and hard-earned-cash on the one ring to rule them all. Did you stick to the 3-months’-salary rule? Did you go with a diamond or something else? Why do you make the decisions you do? These are the kinds of questions we want answers to.

Give us the details and we’ll give you $200 to spend on anything you like at Diamondport. Plus, go in the draw to win a $4000 Diamondport voucher.

Fill out my online form.

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