DIAMONDPORT | Find Your Rock: This Is What Your Diamond Says About You

When it comes to picking or designing an engagement ring, you’re bound to feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension, before inevitably asking yourself the question, ‘Wait, have I picked the right one?’. We know that the quality, aesthetic, and vision of the centre stone defines your engagement ring. But in a world of gems, how do you find the perfect one? And how do you know which shape is for you? 

Whether you’re looking for a more modern look, a vintage find, or want to skip the bells and whistles of it all and find a piece that has meaning behind it, our specialists are here to help you design and source a diamond shape that you and your significant other will fall in love with, time and time again. 


Symmetrical and elongating

With its elongated edges and whimsical shape, the marquise cut diamond is referred to as a navatte – French for ‘little boat’. This charming creation was inspired by the smile of the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, and commissioned by France’s Louis XIV, who wanted to design a diamond that resembled the shape of her lips – talk about love at first sight! Perfect for those who love all things symmetrical and romantic, the marquise cut does a fine job at elongating one’s finger.


The elegant curve

Square and rectangular in shape, the cushion cut diamond has distinctive corners which are rounded to resemble a pillow. Known as ‘the celebrity diamond’, many of the world’s most famous rings are cushion cut, as seen on Daisy Buchanan’s sparkling halo ring on The Great Gatsby remake (a Diamondport specialty). This style is perfect for those that like to make a bold statement. 

Emerald Solitaire 

Chiselled and contemporary

Looking for a diamond with a chic and modern shape? The emerald solitaire diamond is the one for you. Having garnered a celebrity following – Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Amal Clooney, to name a few – you’re in good company here. Plus, the emerald cut’s elongated shape actually makes the stone appear bigger than other diamond shapes. While it may not have the same level of sparkle as the others due to the sharp, modern cut, it’s certainly no less glamorous. The emerald cut’s vertical facets create a stunning, mirror-like effect – perfect for those who find themselves straying away from the ordinary and strive to stand out. Designed to give optimum brilliance, this shape works beautifully in a solitaire, or paired with a delicate diamond-accented band.  


Exceptional brilliance

Traditionally the first and most popular diamond that’s given to someone as a symbol of commitment, you can’t look around without seeing a round diamond engagement ring. A standout sparkler because of its light performance and universal shape, the round diamond works for endless setting styles – most notably the signature solitaire. With so much class and versatility, this diamond is perfect for those who are great decision-makers, know exactly what they want in life, and aren’t afraid to go after it!  


Exquisite scintillation

While she may be known as the elongated cousin of the quintessential round diamond, the oval diamond has a charm that is matchlessly unique. If you’re looking for a piece to complement your chic style and creative personality, the oval cut is a fiery diamond that reflects light wonderfully and has a timeless shape that lends itself well to vintage styles. 

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