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Visual Experience Trends For 2020 Weddings

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Welcome to a new decade! 2020 is a very popular year for weddings and ‘non-weddings; alike. We have already seen a rise in ‘surprise weddings’, a wedding disguised as an engagement party, also an increase in fully customisable weddings – specialised fonts, surnames being combined to create a fresh new family name, individualised weddings, couples are even opting to develop their own Pantone colour and why not? Your wedding is the perfect time to reflect on your journey together as a couple and what makes you so special together and what better way to share that passage with your guests than through your choice of suppliers and exclusive styling options to create the perfect visual experience that truly represents your relationship. The trend for 2020 is to diversify how your guests and event is being captured, through the use of stylised premium products, those that use a professional camera and provide a high-end experience and many customisable options!

The Photo Booth guys specialise in creating unique experiences for our clients. The most popular choice for weddings/non-weddings is our Boutique Booth, our beautifully handcrafted wooden photo booth, that produces studio-quality photographic prints and digital images. The booth uses a beauty dish to ensure all guests look like fashion models, with razor-sharp cheekbones. The full gallery is delivered to the client within 48 hours of the event – a perfect way to bridge the gap between the event and your photographer’s shots.

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