How we handmade a custom engagement ring in just one week!

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How we handmade a custom engagement ring in just one week Not so long ago we got an urgent call from a new client, Andrew. An hour later he was in our office, saying he was going overseas this weekend, wants to pop the question, and – yes, luckily for him – it is possible […]

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

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So, you’re engaged – congratulations! Now it’s time for the next big ring decision, choosing the perfect wedding ring. The list of considerations is quite different for selecting a wedding ring compared to an engagement ring. You should consider how the wedding rings complement the engagement ring and each other, and how it fits into […]

Your Ultimate Jewellery Gifting Guide for 2022

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Their face lights up. It’s the hottest gift you’ve ever given them. They’re instantly in love with it. Yep, you’ve been promoted to gifting master. There’s just one problem –  what is ‘it’? If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, we’ve got you covered. How to sweep them off their feet AND make them feel […]

2020 Bridal Trends

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As we near towards the end of 2019 (Yes, really!) Our attention starts to shift towards our 2020 weddings. Whilst the dress is not the first thing to tick off your wedding planning list, careful consideration should be made towards the inspirations and style of gown you choose, as you will find this leads you […]

How Much Do Aussie’s Really Spend on Their Engagement Ring?

How much do aussies really spend on their engagement ring

How much should you be spending on an engagement ring? While social media and celebrity engagements showcase massive sparklers, what we really want to know is how much the average Australian is spending on an engagement ring. So we put together Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey to get all the details. Not only did we […]

Best Tips & Advice for Father of the Bride Speeches

One of the biggest days of your little girl’s life is drawing near. You’ve opened your wallet, and now it is time to open your heart. Writing a speech to give as you toast to your baby girl turned bride and her special someone may be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, we are here […]

How to Choose an Exquisite Solitaire Diamond Ring

You and your special person make the perfect pair. But sometimes, the best things don’t come in twos. In fact, riding solo isn’t always a bad thing. We’re talking about the single, sparkling, solitaire diamond ring. While most people are used to seeing a diamond-studded engagement ring, the solitaire diamond engagement ring stands out in […]

Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey

Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey has now launched and we want to know all things engagement rings! What gem did you choose? How long did the purchase take? Who bought the ring?  There are so many variations to one small piece of jewellery. This makes us want to learn the in’s and out’s of how […]

Multi Coloured Stone Rings – A Rainbow Of Choices

Whether it’s her smile, the way she laughs, or how she always seems to know what’s on your mind, you know what makes your woman unique. You love everything about her and want to let her know that you see those special qualities that make her stand out. She breaks the mould – so you […]

12 Ways to Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid”

As a bride-to-be, likely one of the first things on your mind is planning your wedding. You may be hard at work ironing out all the details – which can be an exciting and tedious process. But what’s one of the most fun parts of preparing for your big day? Deciding what ladies will be […]