Last updated: May 19, 2023

Chris and Colleen

chris & colleen

Chris and colleen - customers

Chris – I had planned to propose to Colleen on the beach, but on the day the weather wasn’t very nice so I changed plans.  As Colleen got home from work, I asked “do you trust me?”, and with that she packed a bag and we headed off for a couple of nights away that I had pre-arranged without her knowing.  She fell asleep on the drive, and woke up as we pulled up to this absolutely stunning place called Edges lodge at Mt Tamborine.  As soon as we arrived Colleen wanted to explore this magical spot so we headed out the door.  As we were standing on the edge of the cliff next to a waterfall, the moment was now!  I had a speech prepared, but all was forgotten and I just dropped to one knee and proposed.  She cried and said yes!

Testimonial: My fiancé purchased my engagement ring from Ash at Diamondport & we have recently collected our wedding rings. We were both extremely happy with the rings! Nothing can be as special as how I felt when I decided to give my girlfriend an engagement ring. Being familiar with diamonds, I knew what I really wanted; I checked out many jewelry shops until I heard about Ash who provided me with a diamond ring full of custom designs that my fiancee has been wearing for two weeks now. This ring from Diamondport in Brisbane never failed to impress all those we’ve met.

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