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How to buy diamond earrings?

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you can forget about Valentine’s Day.

It’s time to step things up with diamond earrings that say “I love you” more than ever. I think most women will agree, most men need a helping hand buying presents. So we’re going to make this year’s Valentine’s Day super simple.

You don’t have to resort to trickery to buy your wife the perfect piece of jewellery, but first, you might need to do a little bit of detective work.

Follow our simple steps and you’ll nail this year’s Valentine’s Day gift. We’ll show you how to buy diamond earrings in four simple steps. And better still she’ll be thrilled to wear them and excited to show off to her girlfriends.

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How to buy the best Valentine’s present

Step 1: Follow Her Lead

When you two go shopping, follow her into the jewellery store and watch what she looks at. Point out a few pieces and listen to which style, colour and size she likes.

But, if like most men, you’ve left your gift buying to the last minute skip straight to Step 2.

Step 2: Check out her current jewellery collection

Look through her current jewellery. Are there pieces in there you never remember seeing her wear? If so, that gives you a good idea of what not to buy.

TIP: If your wife’s engagement ring has round brilliant cut diamonds, then she’ll want the same in a pair of diamond earrings. If her engagement ring stone is princess cut, then you guessed it, she’ll want princess cut diamond earrings.

The more you know about your wife’s taste and style, the easier it will be to choose the perfect diamond earrings for her. Chances are you have learned a thing or two buying her engagement ring. Think back, I know you filed the info away somewhere in there.

How to buy diamond earrings by diamondport


If you know her girlfriends well, it is time to put those relationships to good use. Likewise, with her parents, I bet money her mum knows exactly what she’d like.

Show them a couple of your gift ideas and see what they must say. There is nothing like the eyes of a close friend to let you know if you’re on the right track.

The more you know about her taste in jewellery, her personal style and the things she likes the easier it will be. A classic set of earrings makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

The best valentines day present by diamondport

Step 3: See an expert

Once you have an idea about her likes and dislikes and the survey results from her friends and family are in, it’s time to go and chat with an expert.


  • Talk to an expert
  • Don’t forget your phone — I’m going to want to see some recent photos of your love and how she usually dresses.
  • It also pays to save a wedding photo to your phone. Usually, there’s one with the two of your hands with wedding and engagement rings

Quality is essential when it comes to buying diamond jewellery, and diamond earrings are certainly no exception. One stunning pair of diamond earrings can last a woman a lifetime.

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