So You’re Married Now – What’s Next?

So the wedding’s done, the honeymoon’s over and the pictures are back from your photographer – what now?! We know that post-wedding blues are real and sometimes, you just need something to look forward to. Something that makes that transition back into “normal” life a bit easier. Here are our best suggestions, that might just […]

Three Stone Engagement Rings – a Complete Guide

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Why have one when you can have three? Three stone engagement rings, aka trilogy engagement rings, are known as one of the most timeless engagement ring designs. They were made exceptionally popular by Tiffany & Co, and now three stone rings are an enduring favourite; after all, they’re maximum bling in one ring. Because you’re […]

Delicious diamond eternity rings – they’re big, bold and beautiful

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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating engagement rings – the planning, the emotion, the suspense! And the delight when I get the phone call or text saying “She said yes!”, knowing that our plan was a great success – I feel like I’m part of it, of course.

But there’s another joyous part of my job…. Designing an eternity ring for a newlywed bride. There’s something wickedly indulgent about creating a diamond ring for the sheer pleasure of it, to mark an anniversary, birthday or birth.