Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey

The perfect engagement ring: for something so tiny, it sure is a big deal. At least we think so. That’s why we put together Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring survey.

We want to know what goes through a guy’s mind when he’s about to propose. And we want to know what goes through a girl’s mind when he finally does.

We’re looking for the skinny on how Aussies spend their time, effort and hard-earned-cash on the one ring to rule them all. Did you stick to the 3-months’-salary rule? Did you go with a diamond or something else? Why do you make the decisions you do? These are the kinds of questions we want answers to.

The average Aussie bloke earns roughly $87k p.a. Now, if we have a look at the old “Spend 3 month’s salary on the engagement ring rule”, you’d expect that an average engagement ring might cost somewhere in the order of $22k. Yikes! A little bit too much? We think so. It’s about time that old-fashioned rule saw an update.

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In fact, we’ve been wondering how many people care so much about the price, or even quality of the ring, these days. Sure, there are people who will always care about price and quality, but with more and more millennials (and now even Gen-Z’ers) getting married, is this still of most? As the younger generation tends to favour experiences over possessions, maybe “it’s the thought that counts” is enough for some young couples.

Other, more technical questions, like the size and shape of the gemstone, and the choice of diamond or sapphire, will guide guys in the future who don’t know where to start. Will they want to follow the trend or select one of the more unique options? Whilst we have anecdotal knowledge about these questions, it will be interesting for us to see real trends across the industry.6 Claw solitaire ring with survey logo

Questions like “What kind of ring is popular right now?” and “How much should I be spending?” are tricky questions to answer. And, for a lot of guys, they’re too embarrassed to even ask. We’re hoping that the info we collect from this survey helps Aussies about to make the move and pop the question make the best choice for themselves when purchasing an engagement ring.

And just to prove it, we’ve decided to give everyone a $200 gift voucher to Diamondport for participating, as well as the chance to win a $4000 Diamondport gift voucher (terms & conditions apply). We’re serious about getting quality, useful and actionable info, so we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is.

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