Size Up: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect 2 Carat Diamond Ring

Looking for an engagement ring that makes a statement? A 2 carat diamond is definitely a showstopper and is bound to add extra sparkle to her finger.

But when it comes to choosing a 2 carat engagement ring, there is plenty to think about—from the cut, clarity and colour of the diamond itself to the style of the ring. And with 2 carat diamonds harder to come by, it may take a little longer to find just the right one. That’s why it can help to have some expert guidance on what to look for so you can create the perfect ring for your budget.

Why consider a 2 carat diamond ring?

The bling factor is definitely up there when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. And a 2 carat diamond certainly makes an impact. But that’s not the only reason to size up.

A 2 carat diamond is going to look much larger when mounted in a setting, compared to smaller sizes. And not just because it’s a bigger carat, but because more of the surface area of the diamond is visible.

See, a typical 1 carat round brilliant-cut diamond is about 6.5mm wide, while a 2 carat brilliant-cut diamond is around 8.2mm. That extra 1.7mm might not seem like much, but it can make a big difference when placed in a setting.

Diamond Size Chart

How much is a 2 carat diamond?

Prices for a 2 carat diamond ring can range from $27,000 to upwards of $200,000. With such a wide price range, you can probably guess that carat alone doesn’t determine a diamond’s value. A 2.01 carat JSI2 round diamond with excellent cut, polish and symmetry will cost $27,270 (as at 18th Dec 2019). This can range to $70,000 for a 2.01ct GVVS1 with excellent cut, polish and symmetry (as at 18th Dec 2019).

It’s also worth noting that a 2 carat diamond doesn’t cost twice as much as a 1-carat diamond. Larger diamonds are much rarer and that affects the price. One in every million diamonds is 1 carat, while only one in every 15 million diamonds is 2 carat. So a 2 carat diamond can be valued at three or more times than one half its size with the average cost of a 1 carat diamond costing $12,000 (as at 16th March 2019).

If you would like to know more about 1 carat diamonds, begin with our recent easy-to-read guide.

What affects the price of a 2 carat diamond?

The rarity of 2 carat diamonds is one factor. And just like with any diamond, the main elements that will affect the price of your stone is the quality.


Like with all diamonds, cut is the most important factor and the one that will make the most difference to how your engagement ring looks. The cut of a diamond affects the way it reflects light and it’s overall sparkle. Round brilliant-cut diamonds refract the most light of any cut, making them a popular choice and more expensive than fancy cuts.


Diamond colour is ranked from colourless through to near colourless, tinted and yellow. A diamond with less colour has more brilliance and will be more valuable. However, it’s actually quite difficult to tell the difference between two colour grades, such as between a C and D diamond, and this factor is less important in the overall value.



When it comes to diamonds, there’s more than meets the naked eye. Clarity refers to the natural blemishes or inclusions in a diamond. These can range from microscopic imperfections that are not noticeable and don’t affect the overall shine of the diamond, to visible blemishes that show up to the eye. We tend to recommend VS2, S11 and SI2 for 2 carat engagement rings.

If you have now idea where to start when buying a diamond engagement ring, download our GIA diamond guide to learn all you need to know.

Setting options for a 2 carat diamond

A 2 carat diamond is going to look brilliant in almost any setting. However, to really showcase your diamond you can’t go past a solitaire setting. This setting draws all the attention to your beautiful engagement ring.

Meanwhile, a halo setting is ideal if you want to make the centre diamond appear even larger. The additional stones placed in the halo add extra sparkle.

Of course, the ideal setting comes down to your style and what features you like. We can work with you to design a ring that reflects who you are and showcases the beauty of a 2 carat diamond

We’re diamond experts and can help you design a diamond engagement ring you’ll both love. Get in touch to make an appointment and chat about what you’re ideas.



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